Bows, Arthur (1895-1978)

Transcription of obituary published in the Minutes of Conference

ARTHUR BOWS: born on the 5th December 1895 in Blyton, the village where he exercised his most telling ministry. In a long active retirement of twenty years he gave effective service in the place he loved. In his early years he learned country lore and the love of people. He attended Gainsborough Grammar School and in 1915 arrived at Hartley College, the youngest student of his year. Service in the R.A.M.C. followed and in France he became a sergeant. Along with his war experience, his college course matured him, and on entering circuit work he quickly became a leader. His circuits were: Pontypool, Brigg, Romsey, Peterborough, Wolverhampton (Darlington Street), Alford, Bourne, and Holbeach. Twenty years were spent in his beloved Lincolnshire. 

He was always a man of the country, with its native wit and understanding of life. In his home village he learned much that stood him in good stead throughout his ministry and it was here that he was loved the most. His sense of humour enlivened many a dull meeting; many a discussion was saved from rancour by his humorous intervention. Few can have enjoyed their ministry more. Arthur Bows had the gift of being able to simplify great themes. His sermons contained profound thoughts simply expressed and were always related to everyday life. He is remembered with affection by all who knew him, he was greatly loved by his wife and family and Superintendents looked upon him as the ideal Supernumerary, helpful, unobtrusive, yet always ready with advice, suggestions and encouragement. There was never a hard word for minister or people. He was in every sense a man of God. He died on the 21st July 1978 in the eighty-third year of his age and the sixty-first year of his ministry.


Arthur was born on 5 December 1895 at Blyton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, to parents John Henry Bows, a farmer, and Rhoda.He was baptised on 23 February 1896 at Blyton, Lincolnshire.

He married Jessie Cousins (1906-1992) in the summer of 1925 in the Gainsborough Registration District, Lincolnshire. Records identify two children.

  • Michael Robert (1934-1998)
  • Leslie Thomas (1936-1997)

Arthur died on 21 July 1978 at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.


  • Hartley
  • 1921 Pontypool
  • 1923 Brigg
  • 1926 Ramsey
  • 1930 Peterborough
  • 1935 Wolverhampton Darlington St
  • 1940 Alford
  • 1946 Bourne
  • 1952 Holbeach
  • 1957 Gainsborough (S)


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  • Arthur bows was my great uncle on my mother’s side. I remember he could throw his voice. He had a dog in his pocket. Any relations please contact me.

    By Michael Regan (27/04/2023)

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