Barron, Reuben (1835-1901)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1887
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1887
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1902
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1902
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1910
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1910

Early years

Reuben was born on 5 April 1835 at Scotter, Lincolnshire. His father was a schoolmaster and both parents were Wesleyans.

Reuben lost both parents by the age of three and was brought up by friends. He had few educational opportunities.

Reuben was converted whilst in his teens. Village tradition spoke of him reading his bible under a hedge, amidst the banter of youths less seriously disposed.

Charles Kendall placed Reuben on the plan. His success as a local preacher led to Reuben being recommended to Scarborough as a hired local preacher. There he came into contact with John Flesher.


Following his probation in London, Reuben spent the next years in the Missions District. He entered the Nottingham District in 1866.

His obituary records that Reuben was an acceptable preacher, a diligent pastor, and a capable organiser and administrator.


Reuben married Martha Mitchell (1829-1874) in the spring of 1862 at Clerkenwell, London. Census returns identify four children.

  • Sydney Archibald (1863-1930) – a PM Minister
  • Alfred Ernest (1865-1873)
  • Evelyn Angela (1867-1938) – married William Trumen, a life assurance agent
  • Mary Ann Agnes (1869-1945)

Reuben married Ruth Abbott, nee Smedley (1835-1909) in the spring of 1876 at Ripley, Derbyshire.

Reuben died on 19 January 1901 at Tamworth, Staffordshire.


  • 1857 Northampton
  • 1858 Canterbury
  • 1859 London ll
  • 1860 Sheerness
  • 1862 Ramsey
  • 1863 St Albans
  • 1865 Merthyr Tydfil
  • 1866 Sheffield l
  • 1867 Mansfield
  • 1869 Bottesford
  • 1871 Nottingham ll
  • 1873 Wirksworth
  • 1875 Ripley
  • 1878 Leicester l
  • 1881 Rugby
  • 1885 Sileby
  • 1888 Kimberley
  • 1891 Clay Cross
  • 1894 Colnbrook & Uxbridge
  • 1896 Rugby
  • 1899 Tamworth


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Census Returns and Births, Marriages & Deaths Registers



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