Cheeseman, Robinson (1823-1888)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1870

Robinson was born on 19 November 1823 at Tetney, Lincolnshire. He was converted at the age of 12 as a Sunday School scholar.


Robinson became a local preacher at the age of 14. Two years later he was a hired local preacher and entered the ministry at the age of 18.

Robinson was Secretary of Conference in 1875.

In 1879 he became Secretary of the General Committee, a post that he had to resign from due to ill health in 1883. His contribution in that role was duly recognised in an appreciative minute in the 1883 conference proceedings.


Robinson married Harriett Hudson (1827-1867) in 1850 at Hull. Census returns identify eight children.

  • Henry Jordan (1851-1940) – an Anglican clergyman
  • Hannah Maria (1853-1939) – married Augustus Frederick Elliston, a chemist
  • George Edward (1854-1916) – a Congregational Minister
  • James Alfred (1858-1928) – a PM Minister until 1907 when he became a Roman Catholic.
  • Thomas William (1860-1924) – a Congregational Minister; emigrated to USA circa 1896
  • Alice Ann (b1862)
  • Arthur John (b1863)
  • Mary Ellen (b1867)

Robinson married Mary Thompson (1819-1897) in 1868 at York.

Robinson died on 17 November 1888 at Scarborough, Yorkshire.


  • 1842 Louth
  • 1843 Gainsborough
  • 1844 Scotter
  • 1845 Doncaster
  • 1847 Retford
  • 1849 Pocklington
  • 1851 Swinefleet
  • 1853 Doncaster
  • 1856 Epworth
  • 1859 Winterton
  • 1861 Louth
  • 1864 Pocklington
  • 1867 Scarborough
  • 1870 Doncaster
  • 1872 Hull ll
  • 1876 Filey
  • 1879 Sec of General Committee
  • 1883 Scarborough (Sup)


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  • Robinson was also my great great grand father and I have a very poor quality copy of this photograph and I was hoping to find the original to get a better quality copy, I hope someone can help.

    By Peter Newcombe (08/01/2022)
  • Robinson Cheeseman was also MY great great grandfather via his daughter Mary Ellen. She married Albert Robert Hutty a carpenter and joiner. My mother remembers singing to her when she was young as they lived in the same house. Mary Ellen was an invalid much of her life after having a number of strokes. Mary Ellen’s mother died within a day of giving birth to her and her mothers death is recorded in primitive methodist magazine. At least 2 censuses before Robinson’s death show Robinson’s second wife Mary with what are possibly other members of her family perhaps from a previous marriage. I cannot yet trace the date of Mary Ellen’s death.

    By J R Porter (26/08/2019)
  • Robinson’s brother Thomas Cheeseman was also a Primitive Methodist minister.

    By Jill Barber (23/03/2018)
  • Robinson Cheeseman was my great great grandfather via his daughter Mary Ellen.  My grandfather used to speak about his own grandfather and a number of uncles who were preachers.  Your website has given me names and dates which have enabled me to “flesh out” this branch of my family tree.

    Thank you.

    By John Priestman (16/12/2016)

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