Jones, George (1840-1925)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1892
From James P. Langham, The Tunstall Book, A Souvenir of one Hundred Years of Grace, 1910.

Early years

George was born on 6 December 1840 at Kidderminster, Worcestershire to parents Thomas and Ann (not William and Anncorrected; see below). Thomas was a malterer. Both his parents were connected with the Primitive Methodists in Kidderminster.

George had the advantage of a fairly good education, attending Pearsall and Townsend’s Grammar Schools. Between leaving school and entering the ministry, George worked as a clerk in his father’s business.

He was converted when a boy, but lapsed. When aged about 20 George experienced a deep work of grace in his soul and fully consecrated himself to Christ.


George was a regular examiner of probationers for about six years. He was Secretary of the District Committee Equalisation Fund and the Furnishing Fund Committee.

His obituary records that George was a devout student, and an able minister of the Gospel. His sermons were carefully prepared and delivered with clearness and unction. He was a capable businessman and a wise and sagacious administrator, thoroughly loyal to his colleagues and officials, and a most interesting and cheerful companion.


George married Sarah Steward (1840-1916) in the summer of 1864 at Kidderminster, Worcestershire. Census returns identify nine children.

  • Arthur George (b1865) – an earthenware manufacturer
  • Albert (b1866)
  • Susan Edith (1869-1950) – married William Mee, a house painter
  • Sarah Margaret (1871-1889)
  • Annie (b abt1873) – an elementary school teacher (1891)
  • Kate (b abt1875)
  • Ada (b1875)
  • Thomas John (b1878) – a student at Manchester PM Theological College (1901)
  • Steward (b1879) – a timber merchant’s clerk (1901)

George died on 15 March 1925 at Tunstall, Staffordshire.


  • 1860 Sheerness
  • 1861 Chatham
  • 1862 Newport IoW
  • 1863 Hammersmith
  • 1864 Exeter & Exmouth
  • 1867 Stratford
  • 1869 Oakengates & Wellington
  • 1872 Talke
  • 1876 Sandbach
  • 1879 Newcastle under Lyme
  • 1884 Nantwich
  • 1887 Tunstall
  • 1893 Derby ll
  • 1896 Whitchurch
  • 1899 Derby ll
  • 1901 Congleton
  • 1904 Stoke on Trent
  • 1906 Wellington (S)


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  • After many years I have at last traced my Great Grandfather, George Jones. Coincidentally I now live within a few miles of Exmouth where I understand he served two consecutive terms. I recall meeting when a teenager my Aunts Kate, Annie and Ada. The latter died at 104 in Whitby. My Grandfather A G Jones lived for many years in Robin Hood’s Bay.

    By Gavin Jones (02/07/2022)
  • Kate,

    Information about George came from the Primitive Methodist Magazine 1892 and his obituary in 1925. These identify his parents as Primitive Methodists. However, information in these documents is not always correct.

    The identification of William and Ann as parents is down to my family history searches in the internet, which could be inaccurate as I do not go to the extent of looking at birth/marriage certificates. If I have ‘got it wrong’ then the early occupation will be incorrect.

    On further investigation, I have identified a baptism in Kidderminster on 12 Jan 1841 for a George Jones with parents Thomas and Ann. Census returns confirm that Thomas to be a malterer.

    By Geoff Dickinson (12/01/2015)
  • Details of birth, marriage and children correspond with my great-great-grandfather but according to his marriage certificate he was the son of Thomas Jones, a malterer.  Family tradition says that his father disowned him for becoming a Methodist.

    By Kate M (11/01/2015)
  • Can anyone let me know where the information about George Jones’ early life came from please?

    By Kate M (11/01/2015)

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