Jaquis, Issachar (1795-1866)


Issachar was born abt1795 in London to parents Issachar and Rebecca. He was baptised on 19 July 1795 at St Werburgh, Derby, Derbyshire.

Census returns identify the following occupations for Issachar.

  • 1841 cordwainer, in Town Gaol, St Mary, Nottingham
  • 1851 shoemaker
  • 1861 shoemaker

He married Harriet Trolley (1805-1870) on 27 December 1924 at St Mary Le Wigford, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Census returns identify five children.

  • Lewis (1826-1908) – a shoemaker
  • Miram Rose (1827-1908) – married Joseph Burton in 1848
  • Leonis (b1835) – a silk lace dresser (1851)
  • Rebecca (b1839) – married John Pitt, a lace designer (1861), in 1860
  • Mary Jane (b1841)

Issachar died in July 1866 at Radford, Nottinghamshire. He was buried on 22 July 1866 at St Mary, Nottingham.


  • 1821 Scotter
  • 1823 Brigg
  • 1824 Lincoln
  • 1825 disappears


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Census Returns and Births, Marriages & Deaths Registers

Many records spell the surname Jaquiss

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  • Issachar Jaquis is my 4x great grandfather on my matrilineal line. I have minimal information about his parents.
    However, in the following extract from the Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society October 1968 p 183 Chp “History of Original Methodists’, Issachar is referred to as an Independent Methodist minister.
    “Mr. Issachar Jaques of New Sneinton, an Independent Methodist, was popular with the Original Methodists. So was Mr. G. Baxter, an Independent Primitive Methodist (later Indepen- dent Methodist) of Bingham. The former, judging by all the records available, seems to have been a preacher of almost hypnotic power, and stands out as one of the most eminent in the district. His pres- ence in Hucknall drew crowds of hearers. The Record of October 1859 states that on 14th August of that year, when Mr. Jaques was appointed to preach, the chapel was filled to capacity long before the arrival of the preacher, and the great crowds outside unable to gain admission necessitated the transference of the meeting to the open air, a neighbour tendering the use of his croft for the occasion.”

    I’m also interested in discovering more about how Issachar came to be a prisoner in St Mary’s Gaol, noted in the Census 1841. I am unsure but I think it is because he was insolvent.

    By Phoenix de Carteret (08/07/2023)
  • Would love to know more about his Father’s birth – we think Middlesex – and family origins. He’s a relative on my Grandmother’s side.

    By Jamie (08/02/2023)
  • Searching on this website with the words ‘Scotter’ and ‘Brigg’ will give you a little additional information.
    Methodist records for circuits and chapels are not held centrally but in county archives. You could look in the online index for Lincolnshire archives to see if they hold information about these circuits that may make a visit worthwhile.
    If you able to visit the Englesea Brook Museum of Primitive Methodism you could ask to see the Minutes of Conference for the years when Issachar was a travelling preacher. These may reveal his colleague travelling preachers stationed in the circuit at the same time and possibly any expenses he may have claimed for removals.

    By Geoff Dickinson (17/05/2021)
  • I’ve been struggling to find out about him. This is great. His father was an apprentice shoemaker in 1777 in Edingale which I believe was one of the circuits back then. I wonder why he was born in London but baptised in Derby. Visiting maybe? Is there any details on the circuits for Scotter and Brigg? His sister was baptised in Brighton at Countess of Huntington.

    By Susan (17/05/2021)
  • Susan,
    Yes, for the few years before his marriage Issachar was a Primitive Methodist travelling preacher, what we would term today, a minister. Based on the timings, it looks like he married before his probationary period as a travelling preacher was completed and as a consequence left the full time ministry.

    By Geoff Dickinson (17/05/2021)
  • This is my 4th great grandfather. I don’t know much about him. Was he a minister?

    By Susan Mcdaid (17/05/2021)

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