Lupton, Moses (1800-1875)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1843
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Primitive Methodist Magazine 1865

Early years

Moses was born on 28 July 1800 in Ripon. His parents attend the local parish church.

At the age of 14, Moses was apprenticed to a cooper and chair maker. As a youth he wandered away from the church. About three years later, his brother William, who became a PM Minister and later a Wesleyan Minister, was apprenticed to a Wesleyan and induced Moses to attend the Wesleyan Sunday School. By that time Moses’ mother had become a Wesleyan as well.

Moses and William Rumfitt, one of his earliest friends started to attend a class about the same time. Moses remained with the Wesleyans for about two years. However, he was converted when William Clowes preached at Ripon for the first time on 4 March 1820 and joined the Primitive Methodists. Moses was soon on the preachers plan and his route into ministry was through supplying for an itinerant in his own circuit.


The time Moses spent in North Shields and Hexham in the 1840’s is referenced in Patterson.

Moses was Connexional Missionary Secretary from 1859 for six years. He was elected a Deed Poll member of Conference in 1864 and was President of Conference in 1870.

When superannuated, Moses moved to Sunderland where he was Secretary of Examiners at the Sunderland Institute.

From 1828 to 1866 Moses recorded an increase of 1560 members on his stations. He also travelled an average of 3,000 miles by foot each year, preached some six sermons per week and made on average 30 family visits per week.


The pre-existent glory and abasement of the Saviour set forth in a Sermon, 1835 ( preached by Moses Lupton at the Mechanics Institute in Glasgow)


Moses married Mary (1805-1889). She was born in Ripon They had five children identified in census returns.

  • William (b1829)
  • Alfred (b1833)
  • Elizabeth (b1834-1913) – married William Stobbs, an engine man at ironworks.
  • Ann (1838-1905)  – married John Denson Kemp, a builder
  • Mary (1844-1903) – married George Wadham Moorse, a Primitive Methodist Minister.

Moses died on 9 June 1875 at Sunderland, Co Durham.


  • 1823 Guisborough
  • 1824 Motcombe
  • 1825 Dewsbury (6 mths)
  • 1825 Howden (6 mths)
  • 1826 Grimsby
  • 1827 Pocklington
  • 1828 Scotter
  • 1829 Louth
  • 1831 Lincoln
  • 1833 Glasgow
  • 1836 S Shields
  • 1838 Brompton
  • 1840 N Shields
  • 1843 Hexham
  • 1845 Stockton
  • 1848 Darlington
  • 1850 S Shields
  • 1852 Carlisle
  • 1854 Shotley Bridge
  • 1857 Alston
  • 1858 Whitehaven
  • 1859 Sec of General Commission
  • 1864 Mission Secretary
  • 1865 Shotley Bridge
  • 1866 Darlington (S)
  • 1869 Sunderland


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  • Geoff, As requested, here is a bit more information about Ann Lupton and John Dewson Kemp. John was born in 1842 in St. George’s East, London. He died on 28 Jun 1900.  He married Ann (Annie) Lupton  in 1864. Ann was born in 1841 in South Shields, Durham. They had the following children:

    Amelia Annie Kemp - born 1868. Died in 1961.

    Alice Elizabeth Kemp  - born 1872. Died 1959.

    Annie Evangeline Kemp - born in 1871. Died?


    By Sally Lloyds (19/06/2018)
  • John Dewson Kemp was my great-grandfather’s brother. The house in Stepney from where the family ran the oven building business was actually named Lupton house.  I have a bit more information about John and Ann if you would like it.

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  • Moses is my great great great grandfather, his daughter, Mary, being my grandfather’s mother. I’ve inherited an old daguerreotype photograph of him.

    Thank you so much for your efforts, Geoff!

    By Gabriel (14/08/2016)
  • Really interested to see this website of my great great grandfather Moses Lupton. My great grandmother was Ann who married John Dewson (note correction of name) – he was an oven builder in Stepney.

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