Mincher, William (1850-1922)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1909
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1909
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1909
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1909
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Early years

William was born on 1 March 1850 at Wednesbury, Staffordshire to parents Samuel and Ann. Samuel was a forgeman and ironworker, and was a local preacher in the West Bromwich circuit.

William was given a good commercial education, and began to preach in his eighteenth year. Before entering the ministry, William followed his father’s trade.


After spending a year at the Sunderland Institute, William continued his studies when in London by attending the “Preachers College” for four years in succession for classics, philosophy, mathematics, science and relative subjects. He had hoped to take a degree but was prevented in this by the pressure of his circuit duties.

When William was appointed to Camden Town a difficult situation had arisen. 82 of the 195 members had seceded and joined a Congregational Church not far away. For seventeen years William continued his ministry, the crippling debt of £2,900 was paid off, and the manifold Christian agencies established proved his organising ability.

William’s obituary records that as a preacher and platform speaker he occupied a leading position. Possessed off a musical voice, a graceful address, clear vision, rich vocabulary, he gained the attention of his hearers and won disciples for his Master and Lord.

On superannuation, William took charge of Richmond, from which circuit his son-in-law had gone to serve as a Chaplain in the Army, to meet the difficulties arising from war service.


William married Eliza Richards (1854-1926) in the summer of 1876 at West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Census returns identify six of seven children.

  • Florence Gertrude (1877-1959) – married Thomas W Walker in 1918
  • Percival William (1880-1947) – a banker’s clerk (1911)
  • Mabel Madeline (b1883) – a GPO Clerk (1911); married Herbert William Smith, a PM Minister
  • Lilian Louise (1884-1972) – married Percy St John Dutton, a draper’s assistant (1901)
  • Elsie Eveleen (b1886) – a GPO clerk (1911); married Stephen M Lee in 1914
  • Winifred (1888-1970) – a GPO clerk (1911); married Ralph Heywood in late 1915

William died on 25 December 1922 at Hendon, Middlesex.


  • Sunderland
  • 1872 London II
  • 1875 London IX
  • 1877 London I
  • 1881 Peterborough
  • 1885 Nottingham IV
  • 1890 Leicester II
  • 1893 Camden Town
  • 1910 Hammersmith
  • 1913 Stoke Newington
  • 1917 Richmond (S)


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Census Returns and Births, Marriages & Deaths Registers

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  • Hi Jackie & Charlie

    Just read your message.

    Yes Aunty Gertie died on 13th December 1962. She is buried at Kensall Green with William & Eliza. The gravestone was lying flat when Nick first visited but but he managed to stand it up. Nick has done some research about the Heywood family and has information that they originated in Hertfordshire.  Also Ralph lived in Muswell Hill. I have the address somewhere and I believe I have the only known photo of him. Dom has a commemorative teapot presented to Eliza for her work with the ladies of the church to do with missionary work.  I also have a beautifully written speech to William which was addressed to him on leaving Camden in 1904. In the speech the clearing of the debt is mentioned. 

    It’s such a shame that we lost touch. Can we meet up somehow?  I’ll tell Nick that I have read your message.  I hope you read my reply sooner than I read yours.  I’ll contact Charlie via his work email if I can. 

    Love Cathy

    By Cathy Calrow (22/10/2014)
  • Hi Cathy,

    I am your cousin, Jackie, sitting with my brother Charlie and remembering Auntie Gertie staying with us until she died. Charlie has the silver salver given as a gift by the church as thanks to William Mincher for raising the funds to rescue the church from from financial difficulties. Auntie Gertie lived with us in Hatch End until she died in, I think, 1962. I don’t recall Thomas Walker but there is information about him at: http://www.leicester.gov.uk/about-leicester/lordmayorcivic/roll-of-mayors/1900-1927-roll-of-mayors/1920-1927-mayors/1926-thomas-watson-walker/. We know little about Ralph Heywood or his ancestors but would greatly appreciate any information that you may have.

    Love Jackie and Charlie.

    By Jackie Fildes nee Heywood (01/09/2014)
  • Cathy,

    Thanks for your comment. I googled Thomas Walker after receiving your comment and found the following link.

    Thomas Watson Walker

    This identifies Thomas as a local preacher and prominent Primitive Methodist in Leicestershire.

    I am unable to answer your question regarding the National Archives.

    By Geoff Dickinson (22/04/2014)
  • Thank you for the information re Thomas Walker.  Did you know that William Mincher was Minister at the New Camden Primitive Methodist Chapel, now Camden Methodist Church on Plender Street,  until 1904. This chapel is not mentioned under chapels and you have asked for help finding them.

    I visited Camden Methodist Church a few years ago and William’s name is etched in one of the windows. Also the 1st World War Memorial List states that it is a Primitive Methodist Chapel. One of the foundation stones has been laid by “Mrs Heywood”, who would have been Ralph Heywood’s mother and my Great Grandmother.  

    My family’s research showed that there was a previous chapel on the site. As far as I know the church is still a worshiping community,  who were very welcoming and kind when my brothers and I visited them. I hope this is helpful.

    By Cathy (22/04/2014)
  • I am the great granddaughter of William & Eliza Mincher and granddaughter of Winifred & Ralph Heywood. When I was a child, I was told that Aunt Gerty (Florence Gertrude) had been married to a methodist minister as well. I wonder why Thomas Walker’s ministry is not mentioned here. Also can you please tell me why William Mincher is listed in the National Archives?

    By Cathy (21/04/2014)

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