Price, George (1802-1869)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1855
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Early years

George was born on 17 July 1802 at Radnor, Wales. George found himself convicted of his sin in late 1826, but it was not until 9 March 1827 that his conversion was completed. In June of that year he became an exhorter on the plan. He worked for two years as a local preacher before travelling.


Petty records that George and others purchased a larger chapel at Newbury in 1831 because the society formed by Thomas Russell could no longer fit into the preaching room that had been originally used.

In 1835 George worked with William Harvey and William Peacefull to mission the area in and around Abingdon.

In 1836 George and J Jeffries were the first missionaries to visit Aylesbury and surrounding district. On Sunday 10 April, George preached at Wingrave at ten o’clock, at Weedon at half past one, at Whitchurch at half past four and at Hardwick at half past six, each time in the open air. On repeating this circuit on 8 May, he wrote; ‘This has been a day of labour; I have preached four times in the open-air, led a prayer meeting, prayed with seven families, and walked seventeen miles’. Within 2 years upwards of 200 members were in fellowship within that mission.

Although they did not experience violent persecution at Aylesbury they had to ‘deal with inertia and spiritual sluggishness’.

His obituary records George as a strict disciplinarian; he was a leader from the front. He took his pastoral work seriously often visiting 10-30 families each day. George observed Fridays as a fasting day and day for spiritual exercises.


George married Jane Farr (1807 -1895) in 1837. Jane was a local preacher before they married. Records identify nine children.

  • Jane (1838-1902) – married Alexander Yeatts, a soldier, in 1872 in India
  • Margaret (b1840) – married Thomas Edward James, a post office civil servant, in 1864
  • Sarah (b1841)
  • William (b1843)
  • George (b1845) – a grocer
  • Herbert (b1846) – a GPO registrar
  • Miriam (1848-1939) – married Henry Essex Williams, a Home Office Clerk (1901), in 1868
  • John Farr (1850-1853)
  • James (1852-1944) – a grocer

George died on 18 October 1869 at Farringdon, Berkshire.


  • 1831 Cwm
  • 1832 Redruth
  • 1833 Shefford
  • 1839 Weymouth
  • 1840 Poole
  • 1843 Salisbury
  • 1845 Micheldever
  • 1847 Swansea
  • 1849 Tredegar
  • 1851 Redruth
  • 1853 Frome
  • 1855 Hereford
  • 1857 Chippenham
  • 1859 Salisbury
  • 1862 Malmesbury
  • 1865 Newbury
  • 1867 Basingstoke
  • 1869 Cirencester


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  • Had a sister called Martha 1798-1871 married to James Evans born between 1796 and 1799
    George’s father was William born in Radnorshire (no dates) but profession was farmer

    I have his birth place as Radnorshire, Haneladman (again no record)
    “George Price was born July 17th, 1802. At an early age he sustained a great loss in the death of his parents, but the Father of the fatherless provided for his necessities and guided his steps in the way of virtue. In life’s morn the Holy Spirit showed him the need of an inward divine charge, but this was not realised until 1827. The genuine character of this transformation was seen in the enjoyment of personal religion, regular attendance at the means of grace, ardent love to God, and burning zeal for the salvation of souls and the extension of the Messiah 1 s kingdom. He walked many miles, made great sacrifice to attend the early missionaries of the Connexion. In camp meetings, love feasts and fellowship meetings his soul delighted. It is nearly forty years since his name appeared on his circuit1 s plan. He was soon after called into regular ministry, and laboured on the following stations with success:-Cwm, St Ives, Shefford, Weymouth, Poole, Salisbury, Micheldever, Swansea, Tredegar, Redruth, Frome, Hereford, Chippenham, Salisbury (second time), Malmesbury, Newbury, Basingstoke. The last conference stationed him to Cirencester, where he laboured three months. He went into the Faringdon circuit to a round of missionary meetings. On the Sabbath he preached thrice and prayed with several families. He appeared in his usual health and cheerfulness when he retired to rest. About two o1c1ock in the morning the kind family with whom he stayed were awoke, and at once went to his help, but in vain. Thus suddenly he departed this life, October 18th 1869, in the 67th year of his age and 39th of his ministry.”

    By Richard Price (09/01/2020)
  • This page was modified on 5 February 2017, to adjust the birth year of Jane Farr to 1807 (Baptism on 13 September 1807 at Bourne-St. Mary, Binley, Hampshire.) and provide marriage details for daughter Jane, identified from information that her married name was Yeatts, provided by Helene Cox.

    Also added name of Miriam’s husband.

    By Geoff Dickinson (05/02/2017)
  • According to the Primitive Methodist Magazine (1870, pages 547-52) George was born in the hamlet of Cwmhilly in Radnorshire. No place called Cwmhilly seems to exist, but in the parish of Knighton, Radnorshire, there is a hamlet variously called Cwmgyllo, Cwmgylla, Cwmgilla, Cwmgellau, and Cwm Gilla. My guess is that “Cwmhilly” is a corruption of this name formed by folk etymology (a bit like saying sparrowgrass instead of asparagus). The 1841 census for the parish lists a number of people called Price, who could be of the same family as George, but if this was his birthstead, confirmation would need to be sought via a visit to the county archives in Llandrindod. This may at least give a line of enquiry to anyone wishing to trace him more closely.

    By David Young (07/03/2016)

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