Roe, Henry - Funeral

From "Things seen and heard" by Observer - St Ives Times 15th October 1920

That in connection with the late Rev Henry Roe’s burial, during the slow and solemn march of the procession on Sunday afternoon, the air resounded with the strains of bright music, and it was soon ascertained that the children of the Nonconformist Sunday schools were proceeding to the Wesleyan church to attend a combined Mayflower service.In Tregenna Place and High Street, the young people with their pastors and teachers, and the Salvation Army Band lined up on both sides of the road and silently and reverently awaiting the passing of “all that remained mortal” of one who had accomplished such a great work in the foreign mission field, and who for some time had been calmly “awaiting his summons to the sky, content to live, but not afraid to die”.The respect paid to his memory by the crowds that lined the streets was most marked.

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  • Records associated with Methodist Missionaries are held by the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, on behalf of the Church. You could make enquiries with them.

    By Geoff Dickinson (01/03/2021)
  • What became of his African Collection?
    Doing some research into his life in connection with Capt Sir Richard Francis Burton, explorer, adventurer and one time British Consul in Fernando Po.
    Henry Roe contributed to an early biography of Burton by Thomas Wright.

    By Shanty (01/03/2021)

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