Simpson, John (1821-1897)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1871

John was born in on 23 April 1821 at Whitehaven, Cumberland to parents John and Jane. He was baptised on 30 April 1821 at Michael St Wesleyan Chapel, Whitehaven.

After leaving the Primitive Methodist Ministry, John became a Minister in the Catholic Church


John authored the following.

The Prodigal son; or the history of Charles Beardslee, 1847

Smiles and tears; or Sketches from real life, 1857

The conqueror’s palm; or Memorials of Mrs Stockdale, 1866

Reasons for abandoning the Methodist ministry, and for embracing the work of God under the restored apostleship , 1871


John married Mabel Ireland (1827-1890) in 1848 at West Derby, Liverpool. Census returns identify seven children.

  • Emma Isabella (b1851) – a governess in 1871
  • Kate Ellen (b1853) – a governess in 1871
  • Annie Elizabeth (b1855) – a dressmaker
  • Henry Ireland (1857-1930) – a merchant
  • Fanny Atterby (1858-1933)
  • Joseph Ruddock (b1859) – a salesman
  • Eva Ruth (1862-1933)

John died on 17 January 1897 at Oldham, Lancashire.


  • 1843 New Mills
  • 1844 Manchester
  • 1845 Huddersfield
  • 1847 Leeds
  • 1849 Easingwold
  • 1851 Bradford
  • 1852 Keighley
  • 1855 Thirsk
  • 1857 Huddersfield
  • 1859 Silsden
  • 1862 Halifax
  • 1866 Leeds ll
  • 1869 Bradford l
  • 1872 disappears


Primitive Methodist Magazine 1871 (portrait)

W Leary, Directory of Primitive Methodist Ministers and their Circuits, 1990

Census Returns and Births, Marriages & Deaths Registers

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  • May I correct on the previous point?
    It was not the Catholic Apostolic Church but one of the C.A.congregations, for it was never the intension of the founders to form a new church ( or to become a sect, where it was often accused of). They considered themselves to be part of the one holy catholic apostolic church, where, I believe, we are all part of.

    Second point is that Irving was not one of the Apostles in this church denomination, but he did become the first Angel (Bishop) in the Central church in London (Gordon square).

    By Frederik Dill (12/12/2021)
  • May I correct one point? It was the Catholic Apostolic Church (sometimes known as Irvingites) which Simpson joined, cf. his 1871 work listed above. He became an elder in the Manchester church and then an angel in charge of the branch congregation at Oldham.

    By Tim Grass (15/06/2016)

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