Tuton, David (1814-1892)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1865

Early years

David was born at Whitehaven circa 1814. His father, David, was a rope-maker, originally from Scotland. His youthful life was spent in Whitehaven with a year or two on the sea.

He was converted in early manhood and joined the church in Whitehaven. He was sent by his company to Douglas, Isle of Man, to carry out some special work, but stayed longer.


In his first year of probation, spent at Douglas, David had a ’sense of unfitness for the work’ and several times thought of returning to his previous, better paid, work. However, he persevered.

Whilst at Bradwell in 1845 a new chapel was built. David’s two years ministry at Bradwell were very successful, so much so that he earned for himself the honourable title of ‘Apostle of the Peak’.

In 1870 the chapel at Laxey, called Minorca, was opened; the Rev. David Tuton preached the opening sermon during the District Meeting in Douglas.

Over 42 years as an itinerant, he saw an increase in membership of 1373 across his stations. His obituary records; ‘As a minister, he was pungent in rebuke, fearless in his denunciation of wrong, calm and strong, kind and just in administration, and most effective in preaching.’

The Rev. W D Judson wrote; ‘His magnificent physical appearance marked him off from ordinary men. The strength and peculiarity of his mental constitution made him distinguished as a preacher, and his deep spirituality elevated him above the level of a common Christian experience. He was very popular as a preacher and platform speaker; his experience of the sea made him especially so in Liverpool and the neighbourhood, where his descriptions of the seafaring life and the interests and experiences associated therewith, given his own graphic and inimitable style, were greatly appreciated.’


David married Lettice Tate (1811-1879) on 16 July 1842 at St James, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire.

Census returns identify one daughter.

  • Mary Jane (1845-1930) – married John Hall, a PM Minister.

David died on 12 October 1892 at North Cave, Yorkshire.


  • 1838 Isle of man
  • 1839 Liverpool
  • 1841 Preston
  • 1842 Keighley
  • 1844 Bradwell
  • 1846 Burnley
  • 1847 Douglas
  • 1849 Chorley
  • 1850 Manchester l
  • 1851 Salford
  • 1852 Bolton
  • 1854 Blackburn
  • 1856 Bradwell
  • 1859 Preston Brook
  • 1861 Stalybridge
  • 1863 Manchester lll
  • 1865 Knowlwood
  • 1867 Stockport
  • 1870 Blackburn
  • 1873 Oldham lll
  • 1876 Walkden
  • 1878 Liverpool ll
  • 1884 Peel
  • 1885 Barrow in Furness
  • 1886 Douglas
  • 1889 Castletown
  • 1892 North Cave


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  • I am the granddaughter on my mother’s side of Albert Tuton, who was born the same year his grandmother Lettice died, and was third son of Rev John and Mary Jane. Therefore Rev David is my great great grandfather.

    By Sara Sims (25/10/2022)
  • Fascinating to read, and solves a mystery family locket with photo.

    I am also his Great Great Great Grandson via his granddaughter Zipporah

    By Neil Parker (27/08/2018)
  • I am David Tuton’s great great great grandson. I have Mary Jane Tuton’s christening mug. Enscribed as such in gold script on a typical white mug of the time 1845.

    By John Tuton Jackson (07/05/2014)

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