Tims, Jonathan (1800-1878)

Primitive Methodist Magazine
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Jonathan was born on 28 June 1800 at Leicester to parents James and Elizabeth.


Jonathan Tims was called out by the Loughborough Circuit in 1823, and was still further linked to that circuit by his marriage with Miss Rachel Tacey, whose name will be found in the list of women at the bottom of the 1822 Plan. He has been described as “methodical, industrious, plodding.”

The development of the Primitive Methodists did not always go smoothly. Kendall relates the story of Dead Lane Chapel in the Loughborough circuit. “ When, in 1819, the deed of Dead Lane was executed, there remained a consolidated liability of £250 which John Benton undertook to meet, and he thus became mortgagee. Let it be told to his credit that next to the brothers Bourne, he was in the first years a financial stay and help to the Connexion.” The work fell into decline, partly as a result of the local economy. “As the result of alterations effected in the fabric some twelve years after erection, and of arrears, the entire indebtedness reached £450. No evidence is forthcoming to show that John Benton, as mortgagee, was any other than considerate; but though successive ministers, and especially Jonathan Tims, struggled desperately to retrieve the situation, the end came at last; and John Benton was requested to sell the chapel with all speed. This was, done and Dead Lane was demolished; but the society, undiminished in numbers, kept together and worked on in lodgings for a few years until, under the superintendency of William Jefferson, in 1848, the Connexional property in Swan Street was acquired.”


Jonathan married Rachel Tacey (1804-1846) in 1826. They had seven children.

  • William (b1827)
  • Harriett (b1828)
  • William Caleb (1830-1893) – a grocer
  • Mary (1835-1900) – married John Ephraim Crofts, a pasteboard box manufacturer
  • Anne Priscilla (1837-1914)
  • Emily (b1839)
  • Samuel (1842-1913) – a grocer and beer seller

Jonathan died on 18 March 1878 at Leicester.


  • 1823 Loughborough
  • 1824 Belper
  • 1825 Nottingham
  • 1826 Welton
  • 1828 Shrewsbury
  • 1830 Blaenavon
  • 1831 Darlaston
  • 1832 Wrockwardinewood
  • 1834 Hopton Bank
  • 1835 Loughborough
  • 1837 Chesterfield
  • 1839 Bolston
  • 1841 Belper
  • 1842 Leicester
  • 1843 Sleaford
  • 1844 Darlaston
  • 1846 Oswestry
  • 1847 Prees
  • 1849 Leicester (Sup)


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  • Jonathan and Rachel were my great (x3) grandparents and I would just like to thank you for finding the portrait of Jonathan. With kindest regards Mark Tims

    By Mark Tims (12/01/2013)

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