Welford, Alexander Wade (1857-1950)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1917
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1917

Early years

Alexander was born in 1857 at Barnard Castle to parents George and Mary Ann. George was a tailor.

Alexander was baptised on 23 January 1865 at Barnard Castle. He was converted in a class meeting under the leadership of Rev John Gill. He at once became a Sunday School teacher and was soon placed in charge of the senior Bible class.


Alexander served as Secretary of District, Temperance, Sunday school and Building Committees. He also served on the Probationer’s Examining Committee and Candidates’ Examining Committee.

His obituary records that as a circuit administrator, he faced difficulties with wisdom and courage. A man of wide human interests, he held very strong convictions concerning many of the public questions of his day. Fearless when those convictions demanded public utterance, he was ever courteous to those who would oppose.

In retirement Alexander became a member of Poole Borough Council and rendered valuable service on the Education Committee.


Alexander married Eliza Jane (known as Lily) Adamson (1872-1957) in early 1895 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Census returns identify four of five children.

  • Alexander John Francis (1896-1977) – a schoolmaster (1957)
  • Peter George (b1897)
  • William Ewart (1901-1904)
  • Clifford  Gordon (1906-1983)

Alexander died on 2 February 1950 at Poole, Dorset.


  • 1884 Ludlow
  • 1886 Hungerford
  • 1888 Chinnor
  • 1889 Torquay
  • 1890 Abergavenny
  • 1893 Yarmouth
  • 1896 Chelmsford
  • 1898 Poole
  • 1902 Spalding & c
  • 1903 Newport & Co
  • 1906 Colne
  • 1908 Motcombe
  • 1910 Poole
  • 1914 Frome
  • 1915 Blandford
  • 1921 Portland
  • 1925 Poole (Sup)


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Comments about this page

  • I believe that AW Welford was a first cousin of Revs John and William Welford, who are both listed on this site.

    As for the family, the “missing” son was John, who was born in December 1903 and died in February 1904. My uncle’s (i.e. AJF) diary, which I have in front of me now, records that the manse in Newport was “poor and unhealthy”, hence the deaths of two sons and his own bouts of diphtheria and bronchitis. He also records that, during his Ministry on the Isle of Wight, “Dad had troubles in connection with the Passive Resistance movement”.

    I can complete the “professions” of the three surviving sons. AJF and PG both became schoolteachers, having survived serving in World War I (I’m not sure why the date 1957 is there). Gordon (my father) worked for Lloyd’s Bank, ending with the job title “bank official”.

    As well as my uncle’s diary, with its occasional mentions of his father’s career moves and events, I have a volume of AW’s journal for 1884, when he was serving in the Ludlow circuit. In this he recorded the number of visits he made each week and the miles he walked when so doing (51 is the total for one of those weeks)!

    The other thing I have that belonged to AW is the clock with which he was presented on leaving Chelmsford in 1898. I wind it every week and, although it keeps terrible time, it continues to chime the hours and half-hours just as it has done for the past 116 years!

    By John Welford (12/12/2014)
  • John,

    Thanks for your additional information.

    The reason for 1957 appearing after Alexander junior’s name is that the primary source I have for occupations post the 1911 census is from probate documents. Alexander was listed in your grandmothers probate record which was dated 1957. Some people change occupations over a lifetime hence I have got into the habit of annotating an occupation with a date for which I have evidence.

    By Geoff Dickinson (12/12/2014)
  • I was fascinated to find this piece about my grandfather, who died two years before I was born. I was particularly interested to see the photos of my grandparents, which I had not seen before. I can complete a few details in respect of family dates, if these would be welcomed.

    By John Welford (11/12/2014)
  • John,

    Thanks for your kind remarks above. We would welcome you adding any additional information you have about Alexander and his family by adding a further comment.

    By Geoff Dickinson (11/12/2014)

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