Waters, Charles (1827-1910)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1882

Charles was born on 22 October 1827 at Hungerford, Berkshire.

He arrived in Sydney, Australia on 26 July 1859 having travelled from London on the vessel ‘Siam’.

Charles married Mary J Brunsden in 1894.

Charles died on 22 May 1910 in Australia.


  • 1851 Whitney
  • 1853 Faringdon
  • 1855 Chinnor
  • 1856 Aylesbury
  • 1859 Sydney (Austrailia)
  • 1860 Camden
  • 1864 Wellington (NZ)
  • 1867 New Plymouth
  • 1870 Auckland
  • 1873 Parramatta
  • 1874 Newcastle
  • 1875 Goulburn
  • 1878 Sydney ll
  • 1881 Morpeth
  • 1882 Macleay River
  • 1884 Tamworth
  • 1885 Sydney V
  • 1887 Wallsend
  • 1889 Sydney Vll
  • 1891 Glebe
  • 1894 Sydney lX (S)
  • 1903 disappears


Primitive Methodist Magazine 1882 (portrait)

W Leary, Directory of Primitive Methodist Ministers and their Circuits, 1990

Census Returns and Births, Marriages & Deaths Registers

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  • Have information about Reverend Charles Waters who according to his Death Notice, was a supernumerary for ten years before his death.


    The Rev. Charles Waters, of Epping, Ryde circuit, passed peacefully away on Sunday, 22nd instant, at the advanced age of 83 years. Mr. Waters was originally a Primitive Methodist, having entered the ministry of that Church in 1851. He had been a supernumerary for the past ten years. Many years ago, Mr. Waters laboured in Lagoon street circuit, Goulburn, and will be remembered by a number of old friends. The deceased clergyman leaves a widow, but no family.”

    I’m enjoying your site which has been helpful in some research for a work colleague whose ancestor was a Primitive Methodist in Goulburn. I’m double checking the years ministers were in Goulburn according to your site and checking the newspapers for information about ministers’ arrivals and have found some discrepancies.

    I found a reference in a newspaper and a book about the wife of Rev Charles Waters preaching at Goulburn in 1859 so the marriage in 1894 was his second.

    I’ve found that Charles married Ruth Blackwell in 1856 and that she died in 1893. She was on the Sian with Charles in 1859. Ruth, a school teacher, was born in Chipping Norton Oxfordshire in 1819.

    The book I referred to is Methodism in the lilac city: the story of the Methodist Church in Goulburn, N.S.W. and the surrounding district.


    By Maureen Scott (01/06/2021)

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