White, Jeremiah Sharp (1849-1921)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1908

Early years

Jeremiah was born in 1849 at Cockermouth to parents John and Jane. His father, a stone mason from Scotland, died when Jeremiah was two years old. John had been superintendent of the Sunday School. Jane supported the family by working as a grocer in Carlisle. His brother, William James, was also a PM Minister, but died after only three years ‘travelling’.

After a good schooling Jeremiah commenced his career as a journalist on the staff of the Whitehaven News. Jeremiah was converted as a youth, joined the Church and began to preach. The death of his brother was a trigger for Jeremiah to take up a call to ministry.


Jeremiah became a superintendent at the close of his probation and remained one until superannuation. He served as District Committee Secretary and District Building Committee Secretary. He also worked on the staff of Primitive Methodist World.

As a preacher Jeremiah was instructional rather than inspirational. He would seize the principle embodied in a text and expound it with such felicity of expression and wealth of illustration that his congregation would not readily forget it – if they had the necessary mental trouble to follow him.

In 1914, Jeremiah was Secretary of Conference.

In 1915 Jeremiah took up the position of almoner to Sir W.P. Hartley.

Among his many interests in reading and philosophy, Jeremiah also acquired unusual power as a hypnotist.


Jeremiah married Harriet Wilson Boulton (1853-1932). Harriet was the daughter of Rev James Boulton. Census returns identify tem of eleven children.

  • Lizzie Sharp (b1876) – married Frederick Richard Hannaford
  • Florence Jane (b1878) – a nurse (1911)
  • Lucy Mary (1880-1904)
  • William James (b1882)
  • Ethel Boulton (1885-1953) – married Thomas Hillidge
  • Alfred John (b1887)
  • Harold Wilson (b1889) – emigrated to Canada in 1907
  • Mabel Harriot (1891-1950) – married Henry Mann
  • Herbert Boulton (b1893) – a pupil teacher (1911); emigrated to Canada
  • Chrissie Winifred (1896-1904)

Jeremiah died on 20 November 1921 at Southport, Lancashire.


  • Sunderland
  • 1871 Shildon
  • 1873 Spenymoor
  • 1874 Whitby
  • 1875 N Sunderland
  • 1876 Berwick
  • 1879 Haltwhistle
  • 1882 Crook
  • 1886 Preston I
  • 1888 Blackburn II
  • 1892 Birmingham I
  • 1895 Barrowford
  • 1900 Wakefield
  • 1904 Northwich
  • 1908 Chorley
  • 1912 Runcorn
  • 1915 Southport


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  • Found through Ancestry Co. UK

    England and Wales, National Probate Calender (Index of Wills and Administrations) 1858 – 1966

    White the reverend Jeremiah Sharp of 8 St. Pauls-street Southport Lancashire died 20 November 1921 Probate London 1 April to Harriet Wilson White widow Florence Jane White spinster Ethel Boulton Hillidge (wife of Thomas Hillidge) and Mabel Harriet Mann (wife of Henry Mann). Effects £1285 12s and 6d.

    By Jonathan Shepherd (16/06/2015)
  • Found through Ancestry Co. U.K

    1871 England Census Jeremiah White (Student) born in Cockermouth Cumberland age 21 is a Patient at the Fever Hospital Carlisle being treated for Small Pox. From October 1817 onwards, subscriptions were raised to establish a house of recovery in Carlisle which was referred to at various times as the Fever House and Fever Hospital. (The Cumberland News 13 June 2008).

    By Jonathan Shepherd (15/06/2015)

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