Aliwal North, South Africa

Atlas of PM Missions, 1920

From: Atlas of PM Missions in Africa (1920)
Englesea Brook Museum
benediction in Sesuto, with missionary George Butt's signature from Bramwell Hill's autograph book 1916
Christopher Hill 2020

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  • Hello Jean, this may come like a “bolt out of the blue” and I hope that it finds you in due course! I have just enjoyed greatly, your notes about your grandfather, Walter Hogg, and his missionary work in Northern Rhodesia so long ago. I believe that my grandfather, William, was Walter’s younger brother who went to Africa with him, Andrew and their father in the 1880’s?It would be good to make contact with you, should you so wish. Best regards, Tom H.

    By Thomas Angus Hogg (14/03/2013)
  • Thank you! Walter married Agnes Helen (Nellie) Weir McHendrie in Caledon Square Congregational Church Cape Town on April 4th 1902. My mother, Margaret Finlay was born at Sajobas on February 22nd 1903. Her mother had to return to Scotland due to ill health and their second daughter, Ethel Jane was born there in June 1904. Walter never met his youngest daughter.

    By Jean Murrie (14/02/2013)
  • I believe Walter Hogg and Daniel Mukuena, from Aliwal North, travelled to the Zambezi Valley in 1901. Ezekiel Masunyane and his wife joined Hogg in 1903 and Mukuena transferred to the Ila mission. The Zambezi Valley was notable for its great heat and isolation but the seasonal rise and fall of the river meant that the people had fertile gardens which provided most of their needs. Walter Hogg worked extremely hard, building, preaching, and teaching but his labours were cut short when he died suddenly in 1905. Ezekiel and his wife conducted the burial and then looked after the work in the Zambezi Valley. A grandfather to be proud of!

    By Jill Barber (13/02/2013)
  • This map is very interesting to me. My grandfather, Walter Hogg was a baker in Wepener and I believe a steward of the church there. He was a Local Preacher in the Aliwal North Circuit. From here, he travelled north to Sajobas to establish a church and school there

    By Jean Murrie (11/02/2013)

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