Manchester District, 1838

From the Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1838


Manchester. — Total eight hundred and ninety-two.  Deaths eleven.  “Our out-door services have been attended with the influence of the Holy Spirit; our congregations in general are good; and in our Sunday Schools we have an increase of scholars.”

Bradwell. — Total two hundred and fifty.  “The Lord has revealed his glory; many sinners have been awakened and brought nigh by the blood of the covenant, and the converting work is still going on.  We have formed five new societies, and one new Sunday school.  So that although four of our members died, and twenty one have removed to other circuits we have an increase of twenty.”

Isle of Man. — “Since July 6, 1837 — seventy-seven souls have been added to our societies.  Deaths five.”

Silsden. — Four hundred and thirty members.  “We have had much to contend with on account of the distressing panic in trade.  Many have been out of employ, and brought into adverse circumstances.  Six have died, and seventeen have removed to other places to get employment, yet we have an increase of forty.”

Huddersfield. — Five hundred and sixty-two members, and ten deaths.  Revivals are at this day going on in several places.  We have lost sixty-seven by removals, &c., yet we have an increase of thirty-two.

Preston Brook. — Five hundred and fifty members.  Increase one hundred and forty two.  Deaths seven.  “We consider the state of the circuit to be prosperous.”

Liverpool. — Four hundred members.  Increase fifty.  Deaths five.  “We have an increase of members, preachers, Sunday schools, and one chapel.”

Burnley. — Three hundred and ninety-two members.  “Poverty has been severe indeed. — Unparalleled in the annals of our circuit’s history has been the distress through which we have had to wade.  In several instances our members have had literally to beg their bread from door to door, or starve in their habitations.  But God has wonderfully supported and blessed us.  It is true some have sunk under their burden.  Not fewer than thirty-six have removed to other parts to get employment, and five have been gathered, we trust, to a better land.  However we have, by the blessing of God, made up our number, and report an increase of eleven.  Our camp meetings have been rendered beneficial.  To the THREE ONE GOD, be ascribed praise, now and for ever.  Amen.

Keighley . — Five hundred members.  Increase thirty-one.  Four deaths.”  May the Lord send us increasing prosperity.  Amen.”

Chester. — Four hundred and eighty members.  Increase one hundred and twenty-one.  Deaths three.  “The greater part of this circuit has considerably improved both in congregations, number of members, piety, and finances.”

New Mills. — Two hundred and eighty one members.  Increase three.  Deaths four.  “We have lost fifty-nine by removals, deaths, &c.  But by the blessing of God, and the united labours of preachers and praying people we have a small increase.”

Bury. — Three hundred and thirty-two members.  Deaths four.  “At the close of another year, which to many in this part has been a year of suffering and trial, on account of the depressed state of trade, we are thankful to the great Head of the church, that we are prepared to represent the circuit in a tolerably good state; our congregations are in most places good; and in some of the places, the Lord has made bare his glorious arm, and precious souls have been converted to the faith in Christ.  Some have had to remove on account of trade, and some have forsaken Christ.  But in addition to filling up their places, we have an increase of seventy.”

“The re-missioning department has been attended to; and the Most high has blessed these means to the real good of many souls.  Good attention has been paid to the Sunday schools.  And numbers both of children and teachers are living in the enjoyment of experimental religion.  Our official characters enter spiritedly into the work; and to this, with the blessing of the Lord, we attribute our prosperity.  So we still thank God and take courage.”

Rochdale. — Five hundred and twenty-five members.  Increase twenty-five.  “Many souls have been brought to God, and there is a deepening of the work.  Fifteen have died in the triumph of faith.  Ten have removed.  Three factories have been burnt down, at which some of our members were employed; and others work short time.  But, through the blessing of the Lord, upon the united exertions of preachers, leaders, teachers, prayer leaders, and tract distributors, we are going on and prospering.”

Warrington. — Two hundred and ninety-two members.  “With gratitude to the God of all our mercies, we have to state that his hand hath been with us, and souls have been converted to him.  For after having filled up fifty-seven vacancies, occasioned by four deaths, and by removals, expulsions, &c., we have to report an increase of fifty precious souls.”

Haslingden. — Two hundred and fifty-six members.  Increase two.  Deaths five.  “We have had to labour under the great depression of trade.  Thirty have removed to get bread, and we have lost other thirty.  But still we consider our circuit in a tolerably good state.


Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1838.  Pages 421-424.

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