Scotter and its circuit

The Gainsborough branch of the Nottingham circuit became the Scotter circuit from 1820, and from 1821 the head of a district. In the early years Praying Johnny Oxtoby was a successful worker in the circuit.

A famous Camp meeting was held on nearby Hardwick Hill on 13 June 1819, at which it was reported that thousands were present, resulting in the establishment of the 1819 chapels of Scotter, West Ferry and Kirton. John Petty quotes a Mr. Hollingsworth who said ‘The way opened wonderfully. The country was on the move for miles around and many were converted to the Lord.’

This was a period of rapid expansion in North Lincolnshire 

In 1829 the tenth Annual Conference was held in Scotter, from 14 May 1829, described by H.B. Kendall as ‘the only rural village ever to hold the annual conference.’

The expansion demanded commitment from its officials, so for example the Scotter May 1821 scheduled the summer camp meetings. The plan instructed the preachers as follows:

“It is expected that all those preachers who are appointed with five miles of any Camp meeting in the circuit, will repair to such camp meeting to assist. Let all the exercises be short.”

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    By Raymond E.O.Ella (15/01/2018)

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