Louth Circuit: Work in Louth Circuit, 1835

From the Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1838


Journal of John Stamp.

Sunday, June 21.—Grimoldby Camp meeting.  There was a great thirst for sanctification.

Sunday, June 28. — Spoke at the River Head in Louth, upon a new vessel, which was to be launched next day.  The people heard with deep attention.  At five o’clock, spoke in the street to hundreds of people.  At six, heard Bro. Hobson from Winster circuit. In the prayer meeting, two souls got liberty through the blood of the Lamb.

Sunday, July 5. — In Louth.  Spoke at two o’clock, and God convinced one young woman of sin.  At five, spoke in one of the wickedest places in the town; but, thank God, the word was with power.  At night my wife spoke in the chapel, and four souls cried aloud for mercy.  We got them to the penitent form; and after a mighty struggle for two hours, one of them believed, laid hold on Christ and made the chapel ring with praises.  My wife prayed for the others, and they all got liberty, and joined in singing Halleluia to God and the Lamb.

Sunday, July 12. — Saltfleetby Camp meeting.  One man professed to get good.  At half-past four we broke up, and I went six miles to preach at Legbourn.  A mighty time.  A woman nursing a child, trembled and cried much.  Another took the child, and I told her to kneel down, and cry to Him, who was able to save.  She did so; and he heard her cry, and enabled her to rejoice in a sin-pardoning God.

Sunday, July 26. — Louth Camp meeting.  Thousands assembled.  It was powerful; two got liberty on the ground, and three in the lovefeast.

Monday 27. — Heard Brother Coulson preach on the foundation stone of Theddlethorpe chapel.

Tuesday 28. — Louth. In the prayer meeting, I came out of the pulpit, found a man weeping; spoke to him, he kneeled, and found liberty.  To God be all the glory.

Sunday, August 2. — Ludho Camp meeting.  In the afternoon it was a glorious time. Monday 3. — Grimoldby.  One in distress.

Tuesday 4. — Louth.  One soul got converted.

Sunday, August 9. — Legbourn in the morning, and at Louth at two and six.  We held a class in the vestry, and two fell down under the sanctifying power of God.

Friday 13. — Saltby.  Admitted two.  One man seventy-two years old has been made happy.  Is not this a brand plucked from the burning?  Two years ago the family in the house we preach in, were living without God.  They then had eight children; but four were taken away by death; and one of them when dying, called the parents and family, and charged them to meet her in glory.  This took effect, and the whole family are bound for the kingdom of heaven.  The eldest has begun to exhort, and is likely to be useful.  Praise the Lord, O my soul.

Sunday, Aug. 16. — Spoke at Hogsthorpe, and renewed tickets; one joined.  Night at Mumby, and gave tickets; one joined.

Wednesday 19. — Spoke at Mablethorpe, and bought land for a chapel.

Sunday, Aug. 23. — Saltfleetby.  Held lovefeast.  The conflict with the powers of darkness was great; but faith at length prevailed, Jesus came down to our help, and two souls got fully sanctified to God.

Thursday 27. — At Legbourn.  The chapel was filled.  Two years ago our people met in an old barn.  But Mr. Byron, our circuit steward, kindly gave land to build a house for the Lord; and we have now more than thirty in society.  To God be all the praise.

Saturday, Sep. 12. — Visited from house to house at Addlethorpe; calling at the vicar’s house among the rest.  He and I had some discourse, and I prayed with the family, and he approved.

Monday 14. — Had a pressing invitation to preach at Hornby.  The last time I was there eight souls were converted.  The struggle was great, but victorious faith prevailed.  One woman cried for mercy with all her heart; and at that moment it might be said,

Devils feared and fled.”

Seven more cried for mercy; and in less than one hour, they all rejoiced in the God of all grace.

Tuesday, September 15. — quarter day at Louth.  We found an increase of fifty-six precious souls.

Wednesday 23. — Was at a new class in Louth.  One cried for mercy.  Another got the blessing of (entire) sanctification.

Sunday, Sep. 27. — Assisted at the opening of Theddlethorpe chapel.

Sunday, October 4. — Spoke twice in Louth.  Two souls cried for mercy, and found peace.

Monday 26. — Spoke at Grimoldby.  One woman laboured under great distress for some hours; but God set her soul at liberty.  The heavens opened, the glory streamed down, and the power of Israel’s God was indeed felt among the people.  Some fell down under the glory.  We concluded at a late hour rejoicing.  Our song was:

Break forth into singing,
Ye trees of the wood,
For Jesus is bringing
Lost sinners to God.”

Sunday, November 1. — At Legbourn.  Preached a sermon preparatory to the missionary meeting.  At two and six, spoke in Louth.  And as the chapel would not contain the people, my wife spoke to hundreds in a school room, in the chapel yard. We then held a general prayer meeting.

Monday 2. — Legbourn missionary meeting.  One found peace, and another was in distress.

Sunday, Nov. 8. — Spoke at Hogsthorpe, and renewed the tickets.  Three joined.  At Mumby in the evening, and two joined.

Sunday 15. — Spoke at Legbourn in the morning, and at Louth at two and six.  At the prayer meeting after, we all united in good earnest for God to make bare his arm.  The satanic influence was felt for a time, but God fought for Israel; two souls cried for mercy and found peace.  One young woman, in the simplicity; of her heart, asked me to give it out when I should preach at Somercotes, and tell the people that God had converted her soul.  She had formerly lived at that place.  We adjourned into the vestry, and two more found him of whom the prophets wrote.

Tuesday 17. — Went to Alvington to lay the foundation of a new chapel.  Many people assembled, and my wife spoke on the occasion.

Sunday, Nov. 22 — At Somercotes.  There were six fresh members at the class.  God be all the glory.

Monday 23. — Spoke in the chapel at Louth.  It being the fair, we thought it well to have a preaching in the afternoon.  Many assembled, and it was a refreshing time.

Wednesday 25. — Visited from house to house in Louth.  Met with a young man on the borders of eternity, in great distress on account of his sins.  He heard me preach in the market-place about six months since, and the impressions never left him.

Tuesday, December 1. — Spoke at Scully.  One joined.  Today a farmer met me in Alford market, who informed me that George Herod once spoke in his house, and the word came home to his heart.  And he said, If you will come to preach at our village, I will give you land for a chapel.

Thursday 3. — Spoke at Hogsthorpe.  One stout young man trembled like a leaf.  Held a prayer meeting, he cried for mercy and got liberty.

Sunday, Dec. 6. — Spoke at Hogsthorpe at ten and two.  Seven fresh members stayed at class.  One man got liberty under the sermon.  And a woman who had been affected under the preaching on Saturday night, came some miles to tell us what the Lord had done for her soul.  At night spoke at Mumby.  Many fresh ones stayed class.  May God save them.

Tuesday 8. — Spoke at Theddlethorpe.  One young woman wept and trembled, but did not get liberty.  But the next morning while she was milking, the Lord spoke peace to her soul.

Sunday 13. — Spoke at Trusthorpe, and one joined.  Led Mablethorpe lovefeast; and one man eighty years of age, got entirely sanctified to God.  At night spoke at Theddlethorpe; renewed tickets, and ten joined.

Tuesday, December 15. — quarter day.  This quarter we have had an increase of sixty precious souls.

At the worship at night was a man who had come four miles to get his soul converted.  The Lord spoke peace to his soul, and he went home praising God.

Thursday, December 31, 1835. — It being our fast day I spoke in Mumby chapel at ten in the forenoon.  Visited the village.  At night spoke at Hogsthorpe to a crowded congregation.  Returned to Mumby, and at nine heard Bro. Westmoreland.  We then had a mighty course of prayer.  I spoke at eleven o’clock at night, and one man was pricked to the heart

At the solemn hour of midnight, we bowed in silence before the Lord, and felt indeed,

That sacred awe that dares not move,
And all the silent heaven of love.”

We then with hearts, I believe, as well as voices, sung:-

Come let us anew,
Our journey pursue,
Roll round with the year,”

Friday, Jan. 1. — Spoke at Addlethorpe.  A glorious time.  The people flocked like doves to the windows, to hear the words of eternal life.  I then walked two miles to Hogsthorpe; and whilst sitting with the family at supper, there came in a man who was a very wicked character.  It was impressed on my mind that God was working with him.  I talked and prayed with him; and advised them to invite him to class next Sabbath.  They did so, and he got converted, lived in the enjoyment of God’s favour, and died a few months after, shouting victory, through the blood of the Lamb.

Sunday, Jan. 3. — Spoke three times in Louth.  At five o’clock, held a prayer meeting; one soul cried for mercy, and found peace.  We then sung up the street to our chapel.  Four more cried for mercy, and two found the sinner’s Friend; as did the other two in the course of the week.

O Jesus ride on,
Till all are subdued.”

Monday 4. — Spoke at Winthorpe.  An elderly woman cried for mercy.  Next morning, when visiting from house to house, an old gentleman kindly gave me land to build the Lord a house.

Sunday, Jan. 10. — Spoke at Legbourn in the morning, and at Louth at two and six.  At five, held a prayer meeting in my house.  One cried for mercy, and obtained redemption through the blood of the Lamb.  We then sung the praise of God up the street.  Hundreds followed, and crowded the chapel to excess.  One man was in deep distress under the word.  I came out of the pulpit, and prayed with him; and after two hours struggling against the powers of hell, Christ spoke,

And, listening to his voice,
New life the dead receiv’d.”

He got up and boldly declared what Christ the Lord had done for him.  At that moment heaven and earth did agree, Angels and men were join’d.  The streaming glory came down upon us; three more fell down, sought redemption, and boldly approached the eternal throne, to claim the crown through Christ their own.

Wednesday, Jan. 13. — Spoke at Alvingham, and let the sittings.  This place is likely to do well.

Wednesday 27. — Spoke at Mumby.  Much of the power of God.  Six souls have received pardon here during the last fortnight.  Halleluia to the Lamb.

Thursday 28. — At Hogsthorpe.  The chapel is too small.

Feb. 6. — The Committee made out an order for me to mission in the neighbourhood of Alford.  And at the day appointed I set out in the apostolic plan, without purse or scrip, trusting in the promise, “The Lord will provide.”

Whilst journeying out of the town a friend met me, shook me by the hand, and left therein some money, saying, “There, my lad, take that; if no one will give thee a dinner, buy one with it.”

Wednesday, Feb. 10. — Spoke at a village called Gayton.  A poor dead place.  I visited from house to house to invite them, having got the parish school room.  One soul was deeply wounded under the word, and got liberty.

Saturday 13. — Went to a very wicked village called Chapel, situate close by the sea.  It has indeed been one of the dark corners of the earth.  There has not been a regular preacher in the place in the memory of man; and the church has been known to have been shut up ten years without preaching.  No wonder then of the state of the people.  I got a large house, but it was too small for the congregation.

Monday 15, and Tuesday 16. — Spoke again to nearly all the people in the place.  And their cry was, “Build us a chapel, that we may hear the word of life.”  I made it known to the Committee, and was ordered to get a chapel there immediately.

Wednesday, Feb. 17. — Went round the village, begged the land and near twenty pounds, and all the leadings.  It is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes.

Sunday, Feb. 21. — Spoke at Gayton.  The power of God shook the stout-hearted.

Sunday 28. — Spoke at Hogsthorpe; one convinced.  At night at Mumby.  Seven joined society.

Monday, Feb. 29. — Went to Chapel to lay the foundation-stone of the Lord’s house.  Mrs. Stamp spoke on the occasion, to a great many people.  At night we both spoke in a large farm house.  One man started for the kingdom.  Another was deeply convinced of the evil of hindering his wife from attending.

Tuesday, March l. — At Chapel; seven joined.

Wednesday 2. — At Hogsthorpe.  Renewed tickets.  Seven fresh ones joined. Glory be to God.

Thursday 3. — At Huttoft.  A man from an adjoining village, who had been a miserable backslider for years, went home rejoicing in the God of his salvation.

Monday 7. — Spoke at Wethren.  At family prayer, one man in deep distress, looked on HIM whom he had pierced, and mourned; but before we rose he rejoiced in the God of his salvation.

Wednesday, March 9. — At Gayton.  Tried to speak, but the sighings of the penitents, and the shouts of believers were so loud, that my voice could not be heard.  Mrs. Stamp tried also, but without success.  We commenced a prayer meeting, and two found peace; many were in distress, and we continued till a late hour.  Next morning at ten o’clock, I preached to the children.  A good time.

Sunday, -March 13. — Spoke at Louth in the morning; and in the afternoon led the lovefeast.  Sixty-seven spoke of God’s goodness; one obtained pardon, and one a clean heart.

Monday 14. — Band meeting. — The body of the chapel was full of people.  Bless the Lord for all his mercies.

Tuesday, March 15. — Quarter day.  Peace and harmony.  We had sufficient of money; and, best of all, we had an increase of one hundred souls.

We agreed to call out immedi­ately, two additional preachers.

Thursday 17. — Was at Brother North’s class.  Five found peace.  Halleluia to Jesus.  “Our circuit shall rise.”

Sunday, March 20. — Spoke at Louth in the morning; and at five o’clock in the market-place, to more than a thousand people.  We then sung to the chapel.  Bro. Coulson preached, and I gave an exhortation.  One found peace.

This day twelvemonth, I spoke in the street.  Two then got good, and the revival has been going on ever since.  Praise the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever.

Thursday 24. — At Hogsthorpe.  One man found mercy.

Monday 28. — At Minthorpe. — One woman fell down under the power of God.  Such a thing has not been known in this place for twenty years past.

Sunday, April 3. — Assisted at the opening of the chapel at the village called Chapel.  Next morning let all the sittings for the year; and received the money down, before hand.  But we had not sufficient of seats.  Bless the Lord.

Wednesday, April 6. — At Markley.  A young man while listening under the window in the garden, was reached by the power of God, and cried loudly,  “God be merciful to me a sinner.”  We fetched him in; and, while lifting up our hearts in prayer, God liberated his soul.

Wednesday 13. — Spoke at Skegness, a noted bathing place.  Begged land, and twenty pounds for a chapel.

Sunday, April 17. — At Hogsthorpe.  One cried aloud, “God be merciful to me, a sinner.”  At eight, next morning, preached in the chapel to one hundred and five children.

Sunday 24. — Spoke three times in Louth.  Six souls found peace.

Monday, May 2. — Spoke at Withren; and next morning to the children.  They heard with seriousness and deep attention.

Friday 13. — Spoke on the foundation stone of Skegness chapel.

Sunday, May 15. — Assisted at the opening of Mumby chapel.

Monday 16.—Spoke twice in Hogathorpe.  It was the Statute, and as I walked up the street and saw so many drawn away with vanities, my spirit was moved within me.  And I began to sing the praises of God, and was soon joined by a host of the followers of the Lamb.  Nearly all the people in the statute followed us into a green field, where I preached with great liberty, from, “How wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan?”  A young lady found peace in the field.  We then sung to the chapel.  It was crowded to excess.  The power of God came down, and seventeen souls cried for mercy, and ten found pardon through the blood of the Lamb.  To God be all the glory.

Thursday 19. — Preached again at Hogsthorpe.  Two more cried for mercy.

Sunday, May 22. — Alford Camp meeting.  Hundreds attended, and the place has been rising ever since.

Monday 28. — At  the village called Chapel.  Next morning preached with great liberty to almost all the children in the village.

Friday, June 3. — Spoke in Louth, in our old chapel, for the last time, it having to come down.  One found peace, another cried for mercy.

Sunday, June 5. — Railby Camp meeting.  In the afternoon, missionary meeting in the open air.

Monday 6. — At Winthorpe. — Two cried for mercy.

Tuesday 7. — At Skegthorpe. — Two got converted; and two others cried for mercy.

Tuesday, June 14, 1836. — Quarter day at Louth.  The Lord is still with us.

Thursday 16. — At Hogsthorpe.  One soul converted.  Next morning spoke to one hundred and twenty children, and gave each of them a hymn.

Sunday, June 26. — Spoke at Chapel.  And, next morning, preached to the children; and then visited from house to house.

Sunday, July 3. — Spoke three limes at Utterby Camp meeting.

Sunday, July 10. — Had a week at liberty, during which I spoke fourteen times, chiefly in Grimsby circuit.

July 22 and 24. — Assisted at the opening of Skegness chapel.

Sunday, July 31. — Louth camp meeting.  A glorious day.  Supposed to be upwards of four thousand people on the ground.  One old man found peace on the ground; and three more at night, in the prayer meeting after the lovefeast.

August 15. — Walked thirty miles, and rode ten, and spoke at Somercotes.  Missionary meeting at night.

Sunday, Sep. 4. — Spoke four times at Saltfleetby Camp meeting.

Sunday 11. — Spoke at Skegness.  Three souls got converted; one of whom was a sea captain; who a few weeks before gave us a handsome donation towards our chapel.  This night’s meeting will be remembered through eternity.

Tuesday, Sep. 13. — Quarter day.  We had an increase of members, money, and faith.

Sunday Sep. 18. — Preached at Chapel, a funeral sermon for Brother Allison, one of our local preachers.  His end was triumphant.

Monday Sep. 19. — Bought land for a chapel at Ingoldmels.  And Bro. North and I went round the village to beg for it.

Thursday Sep. 22. — Went to Hull circuit while Bro. Harland came to assist in opening our new chapel at Louth.  At night spoke in Mill street chapel, Hull.  A hard time from first to last.  We then adjourned to the vestry.  I gave an exhortation on the nature of sanctification.  The power of God descended, and two professed to give God their hearts.

Sunday, Sep. 25. — Preached one of the anniversary sermons at Ellerton, and much of the power of God was felt.  In the afternoon, at Newhold; and at night, at North Cave.  A young man in deep decline, cried for mercy, and found the Lord.

Sunday, Oct 2. — At Louth, — spoke twice in the new chapel.  It was crowded to excess.

Sunday Oct 9. — At the village called Chapel.  A mighty cry for mercy.  We concluded a number of times before the people would dismiss.  On Monday the trustees determined to enlarge, the chapel.

Wednesday Oct 12. — Spoke on the foundation of Ingoldmels chapel.  Begged land for a chapel at Markley.

Friday, Oct. 14. — Spoke on the foundation-stone of Alford chapel.

Sunday Oct 16. — At Louth.  The new chapel overflowed; and at night many could not gain admittance.  Next morning I felt a blessed influence whilst preaching in the large vestry to the children.  They listened attentively.  And I trust, through the blessing of God, they will be made lambs of his flock, partakers of his throne, and with him for ever.

J. Stamp.


(Approved by the Quarter-day board.)


Primitive Methodist Magazine 1838.  Pages 141-144; 181-184.

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