Filey, Yorkshire

I had no idea that Filey had had a spiritual awakening until I read Oswald J Smith’s book “It’s Revival we Need” pages 62 and 63, when this occurred following the fervent prayers of John Oxtoby “Praying Johnny”.

This lovely town which has always had a special place in my heart since spending seven annual family holidays there with my parents and brother in the 1940’s. 

I spent a further family holiday there in 1980, with my parents, brother and family (wife and two little boys) when I remember enjoying its unique atmosphere which I could not explain as I was unaware that it had been blessed by a visitation from the Holy Spirit in 1902. I remember there was a full eclipse of the moon, which was over the sea and which we watched from the promenade outside our hotel. Was this significant?

I was converted to faith on Easter Day 1977 and have lived out my life longing for God to visit me personally in great Holy Spirit power and feel that I have yet to fulfil my destiny in Him before leaving this earth. I pray He will visit our Nation once again as it so desperately needs Him in the darkening days in which we are now living. I wonder if the Rapture will happen in this Jubilee year of 2017, (5777 on the Jewish calendar) when the Lord Jesus will descend from Heaven with a great shout and take His people Home….. 

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  • I understand that the revival resulting from Praying Johnny’s prayer occurred in the 1820’s, such a long time ago! How we need a new Visitation of the Holy Spirit in the British Isles in 2017!


    By Patricia Smith (25/07/2017)
  • John Oxtoby 1767 – 1830 (Wikipedia). 

    By Patricia Smith (13/06/2017)

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