Hall, E, 'The Earnest Preacher - a biography of Rev Joseph Spoor' (1874)

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Parentage — Newcastle Keelmen — Their character and habits — Mr. Spoor’s boyhood — Morals — Education — Becomes a keel “laddie” — Unfavourable circumstances — Addicted to coarse and immoral practices — Narrow escape from drowning — Hogdson Casson stationed at Gateshead-on-Tyne — Characteristics — Striking incidents connected with his preaching — Mr. Spoor converted under his ministry — Filled with holy joy and love — Becomes a Wesleyan — Exuberant zeal — Meetings for prayer in the adjacent woods


Separates from the Wesleyans — Reasons — Apropos sayings of Sydney Smith and Ward Beecher — Mr. and Mrs. Suddards visit Tyneside — Their popular preaching and influence — Characteristics of early Primitive Methodist Preachers — Mr. Spoor yields to the new attraction, and identifies himself with them — Finds scope and verge for his enthusiasm and energy


The Primitive Methodists utilise all kinds of working ability — This defended — Mr. Spoor made a preacher — Inward struggles — Devotes himself to the work — Juvenile efforts at preaching


Rev. John Coulson’s character and labours — Mr. Coulson becomes acquainted with Mr. Spoor, and engages him as a missionary for Rothbury, in Hexham circuit — Leaves home — First week’s work — Toils and Privations — Moral condition of the country — Fierce temptation — Victory — Home Branch — Power in prayer — Preaches to people working in a field — More than a match for the notorious showman, “Billy Purvis” — Brompton circuit — Northallerton theatre turned into a Primitive chapel. — Scenes of “falling” under the word — Strange dream a means of deliverance from temptation — Marvellous conversions and revival at Appleton Wiske — A termagant woman subdued — A furious drunkard abashed — The devil outwits himself — Review of success in Brompton circuit — Journal — A furious sweep


The venerable Hugh Bourne’s opinion of Mr. Spoor — Remarkable circumstance connected with his station to Darlington circuit — Fruits of first quarter’s labours — Extracts from Journal — Glorious revival work — Striking testimony given by a convert — Extraordinary scenes at Cockfield — Auction of devil’s property — Persecution — An infuriated woman attempts to blow up the preaching house with gunpowder — Another wicked plot to kill or maim the preacher and hearers — Sons of Belial — A proud young man converted — Moral condition of Cockfield transformed — Sister Jane, his colleague — Letter to her


Ripon — Rev. W. Lister’s testimony — Struck by a violent woman — Curious psychological fact — A brutal husband — Attempt to suffocate preacher and congregation — A ringleader of persecution converted — Interesting case of a young woman’s conversion — Remarkable encounter with an Anglican priest — John Hobson’s conversion — Work of God at Langthorne — Encounter with a policeman while preaching in Ripon market — place — Hailed before magistrates — Rough encounter with a footpad — Middleham — Glorious prospects — Arduous labours — Successes — Ruptures a blood vessel — Review of labours in Ripon circuit


Temporary retirement from the regular ministry — Causes of his affliction — Health restored — Commences secular business — Cannot rest — Engages as a town missionary at Darlington — Labours among Socialists and profligates — Scenes of Violence — Successes — Marvellous conversion


Return to the regular ministry — Newcastle and North Shields — The “Long Strike” among the pitmen — Disastrous influence on the societies — Scenes of violence and bloodshed — Result of labours in North Shields circuit — Ardency of spirit — Breaking a Bible — board — “Hawkers” — Labours at Blyth counteracted by internal dissensions — Stockton circuit — Great camp meeting at Hartlepool — Brompton circuit Great camp meeting at “Scarth Nick” — Whitehaven and Sunderland circus — Serious disturbances in the former — John Gordon Black, Henry Hesman, Benjamin Whittaker, and other distinguished laymen pourtrayed — Extracts from journal — A strange scene with pugilists — Family bereavement — Successful career as superintendent of Sunderland circuit — Camp meeting at Hetton — Darlington and Durham circuits — Judicious generalship in difficult circumstances — Spirituality and devotedness — Success — Two daughters married to ministers — Family bereavement — Long and severe personal affliction — Recruits again — Letter to Conference


Stockton — on — Tees circuit — Labours as earnestly and indefatigably as ever — Premonition of death — Camp meeting at North Ormsby — Catches cold — Congestion of brain supervenes — Suffering — Triumphant death — Public sympathy — Buried at Middlesboro’ — Characteristics — Earnestness — Impulsiveness — Boldness — Extremes — A singular case in point — Dramatic representation of the “Sower,” the “Prodigal Son,” and the “Judgment” — Remarkable scene while preaching at Darlington — Extract of speech at the Metropolitan Tabernacle — Testimonials to Mr. Spoor’s devotedness and success

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