Robert Tasker (1785-1873)

Robert Tasker

Our obituary column for the last week contained the notice of the decease of Mr. R Tasker, who has for some years resided at Upland Place, Newbury.

The deceased was well known in the neighbourhood as a gentleman of considerable property. He is stated to have commenced business as a village blacksmith at Abbott’s Ann, near Andover, and his industry and skill enabled him to develop a small business into a very large one. He was the original proprietor of the Waterloo Iron Works, Andover, which he built, and he was for many years well known as a maker of agricultural implements, and the inventor of several improvements in them. The fortune he amassed in business is a remarkable instance of success achieved by intelligent and steady industry. Retiring from business in 1836, he subsequently resided in Winchester and Southampton, and at the latter place he became connected with some mining operations, by which he unfortunately lost a considerable sum of money.

Since his residence in Newbury, Mr. Tasker has on several occasions contributed munificent donations to the Primitive Methodist cause, with which he was identified. He was buried on Saturday last, in Newbury Cemetery.

Newbury Weekly News, 24 April 1873


The will and six codicils of Mr. Robert Tasker, formerly of Upper Clatford, Hants, but late of Newbury, Berks., were proved on the 17th inst. By Henry Albert Loscombe and William Tasker, the nephew, the executors, under £25,000.

The testator bequeaths the money advanced by him at different times to divers chapels to such chapels, and he leaves to the Home Missionary Society £20, to the Andover British School £50, and to the Primitive Methodist Society £30*.

Illustrated London News 

Newbury Weekly News, 5 June 1873


Born 12 February 1785

Died 15 April 1873

Also Elizabeth Jane, wife died 15 October 1878 aged 66

*Using an on-line inflation calculator, it looks as though £30 in 1873 has a 2017 equivalent of £3,120: a generous sum.

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  • Updated, thanks to Brian, with the fascinating information about the money bequeathed in his will to write off the debts on PM chapels etc.

    By Jill Barber (16/08/2017)

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