Local Preachers

Page link: Alexander Petticrew
Alexander Petticrew
The Billy Bray of Cullercoats
Page link: Charles Cooper (1842-1905)
Charles Cooper (1842-1905)
Local preacher of Langford, Oxfordshire
Page link: David Watson
David Watson
Lowly Heroes and Heroines of Primitive Methodism - The Old Scotch Soldier
Page link: George Harvey, Of Broomhall Nantwich
George Harvey, Of Broomhall Nantwich
The infant Broomhall and Sound society, Burland Circuit 1850-1860
Page link: George Thomas Phelps
George Thomas Phelps
A veteran of Berkshire Primitive Methodism
Page link: Henry Clark
Henry Clark
Page link: Henry Johnson Mein
Henry Johnson Mein
Abt 1855-1920
Page link: James Hinson
James Hinson
Local preacher
Page link: John Wightman
John Wightman
Lowly Heroes and Heroines of Primitive Methodism - The Fallow Ground Labourer
Page link: Matthew Denton of Beverley
Matthew Denton of Beverley
Veteran Local Preacher and his Counsels to Preachers
Page link: Robert Annakin
Robert Annakin
Page link: Robert Annakin
Robert Annakin
Page link: Thomas Hull
Thomas Hull
Page link: Adam Adams
Adam Adams
Page link: Albert Bastin
Albert Bastin
Page link: Arthur Wombwell (1838-1923) of Langley, Essex
Arthur Wombwell (1838-1923) of Langley, Essex
Farm labourer, Liberal party supporter, and PM preacher
Page link: Bramwell Hill 1897 - 1963
Bramwell Hill 1897 - 1963
a sort of walking encyclopaedia of Primitive Methodism
Page link: Charles Bayliss (1793-1873)
Charles Bayliss (1793-1873)
'Ironsides': the story of an unsung hero
Page link: Charles Bowman
Charles Bowman
Page link: Charles Edgerton
Charles Edgerton
Primitive Methodist Preacher
Page link: Charles Few and J. Broad
Charles Few and J. Broad
Hampshire local preachers
Page link: Charles Gillingham (of Tunbridge Wells)
Charles Gillingham (of Tunbridge Wells)
1828-1906 (Includes an account of the first camp meeting at Tunbridge Wells in 1853)
Page link: Councillor John Scott Pickup of Helmshore
Councillor John Scott Pickup of Helmshore
Fifty Years a Local Preacher
Page link: Daddy McFoy
Daddy McFoy
Fernando Po
Page link: Edward (Ned) Lewis
Edward (Ned) Lewis
A Diamond in the Rough
Page link: Edward Anderson (1763-1843)
Edward Anderson (1763-1843)
Sailor, Poet, and Primitive Methodist
Page link: Edward Ferry
Edward Ferry
b 1851
Page link: Edward Hughes (1855 - 1928)
Edward Hughes (1855 - 1928)
Miner and Local Preacher
Page link: Edwin Paradise
Edwin Paradise
Page link: Elijah Hurst
Elijah Hurst
Page link: Enoch Banister
Enoch Banister
Page link: Ether George Wombwell
Ether George Wombwell
Primitive Methodist
Page link: George Church
George Church
Page link: George Owen
George Owen
Page link: George Radbourne
George Radbourne
Local Preacher
Page link: George Spencer
George Spencer
Page link: Henry Francis
Henry Francis
Page link: Henry Prince (1844-1897)
Henry Prince (1844-1897)
A Ramsor Circuit Preacher
Page link: Henry Raggett
Henry Raggett
Page link: Hugh Bourne's Journal, 1837-38
Hugh Bourne's Journal, 1837-38
From the Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1838
Page link: Isaac Hammond
Isaac Hammond
Page link: James Bosworth
James Bosworth
Page link: James Bourne
James Bourne
Page link: James Crawfoot
James Crawfoot
First Travelling Preacher
Page link: James Lawless
James Lawless
Page link: James Lindsay
James Lindsay
Page link: James Millikin
James Millikin
1811 - 1850
Page link: James Mills
James Mills
Page link: James Saxton
James Saxton
Page link: James Scott
James Scott
Page link: Jesse Wardle
Jesse Wardle
Page link: Jimmy Young at Christon Bank
Jimmy Young at Christon Bank
Jimmy Young and his donkey
Page link: John Andrews
John Andrews
Miller, Farmer and Preacher
Page link: John Augustus Rodgers
John Augustus Rodgers
Jamaican Lay Preacher
Page link: John Calow coal miner and local preacher
John Calow coal miner and local preacher
An obituary that says it all
Page link: John Coates
John Coates
In the Fighting Line at Ninety-Three
Page link: John Dingley
John Dingley
Page link: John Edwards
John Edwards
Page link: John Faid
John Faid
Page link: John Hibbert
John Hibbert
Page link: John Hollingsworth
John Hollingsworth
Page link: John Lees Buckley
John Lees Buckley
and Woodley PM Church, Stockport
Page link: John Maltby
John Maltby
Page link: John Parker
John Parker
Page link: John Prince (1845-1911)
John Prince (1845-1911)
A Local Preacher in Derbyshire and Staffordshire
Page link: John Sadler
John Sadler
Page link: John Sayer
John Sayer
Page link: John Small
John Small
A Grand Old Man of Cullercoats
Page link: John Williamson of Brandon, Co. Durham
John Williamson of Brandon, Co. Durham
A Valiant of the Lay Ministry
Page link: Joseph Brough
Joseph Brough
Page link: Joseph Maddison
Joseph Maddison
Page link: Joseph Marriott
Joseph Marriott
Page link: Joseph Rutherford
Joseph Rutherford
Page link: Joshua Fletcher
Joshua Fletcher
Continuing Silsden Stories in the August 2012 Ranter's Digest
Page link: Leeson Petch
Leeson Petch
Page link: Matthew Seaton
Matthew Seaton
Page link: Michael Hornsby
Michael Hornsby
Page link: Moses Brown
Moses Brown
Page link: Oliver Fry
Oliver Fry
A Jubilee of Preaching
Page link: Richard Eustace
Richard Eustace
Methodist Lay Preacher and Bailiff
Page link: Richard Meredith
Richard Meredith
Page link: Richard Sharp
Richard Sharp
From Crow Scarer to Gent
Page link: Richard Stephenson
Richard Stephenson
Page link: Robert Thomas and the 'Christian Methodists' of Bickerton, Cheshire
Robert Thomas and the 'Christian Methodists' of Bickerton, Cheshire
'Superintendent' of his own circuit for at least 19 years
Page link: Robert Vaughan
Robert Vaughan
Page link: Samuel Barber
Samuel Barber
Page link: Samuel Forrester 1854-1939
Samuel Forrester 1854-1939
Ramsor Circuit, Staffordshire
Page link: Simon Horner
Simon Horner
Page link: Some Local preachers I have known
Some Local preachers I have known
Reminiscing about preachers in the North of England
Page link: Stephenson Stobbs
Stephenson Stobbs
"Preacher of thirty Years Ago"
Page link: Thomas (Tommy) Wanless
Thomas (Tommy) Wanless
An Old Northern Celebrity
Page link: Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes
An early local preacher's record
Page link: Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook
Introduced Primitive Methodism into Hetton-le-Hole, Co. Durham, and an early missionary worker in America
Page link: Thomas Crawshaw
Thomas Crawshaw
Page link: Thomas Morecroft
Thomas Morecroft
Page link: Thomas Powell
Thomas Powell
Page link: Thomas Ritson
Thomas Ritson
Page link: Thomas Woodnorth
Thomas Woodnorth
Abt 1787-1822
Page link: Tom Carter
Tom Carter
Page link: Tom Wilson, of Leeds
Tom Wilson, of Leeds
'Gypsy Tom'
Page link: Walter Goddard
Walter Goddard
Champion of East Anglia
Page link: Walter Hogg
Walter Hogg
Pioneer Artisan Missionary
Page link: William Allenby
William Allenby
Page link: William Bradbury
William Bradbury
Page link: William Carr
William Carr
Page link: William Crawford
William Crawford
Page link: William Griffin
William Griffin
Page link: William Hall Dunn
William Hall Dunn
Page link: William Hawkins
William Hawkins
local preacher, Weston, Berkshire
Page link: William Henry Hill
William Henry Hill
Primitive Methodist preacher in Wiltshire for over 62 years
Page link: William Holt (1792-1878) Farmer and Local Preacher
William Holt (1792-1878) Farmer and Local Preacher
of Old Clee, Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Page link: William Lift
William Lift
A Champion of East Anglia
Page link: William Pountain
William Pountain
Page link: William Proctor
William Proctor
Page link: William Rumfitt
William Rumfitt
1803 - 1879
Page link: William Ryall - A Veteran
William Ryall - A Veteran
A Snapshot of Village Methodism
Page link: William Sampson - West Shefford Berkshire
William Sampson - West Shefford Berkshire
Primitive Methodist Local Preacher around 1840 - 1850
Page link: William Stubbs
William Stubbs
Page link: William Taylor, C.C.
William Taylor, C.C.
Ripley Circuit
Page link: William Wilcox
William Wilcox
Born abt1858