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  • Looking for information on a booklet / part booklet named ‘ The Beginnings of Primitive Methodism in Blackpool ‘ . A local historian named Norman Cunliffe gave me some pages c . 2006 ( which I am currently working on ) regarding initial set up of meetings at the Bethesda Chapel in the town which involved a past relative named Daniel Prince a local baker . His son , John Prince ( on this site 1856 – 1937 ) went on to become a minister throughout the country before being bur . in the Layton Cemetery in the town .
    Furthermore , if anyone local to the ministerial churches and parishes John Prince worked within has any info . / speeches / photos etc.. I would appreciate any help in obtaining them . I thank you in advance of possible help .

    By Garry George (22/04/2023)
  • George Edwards was the son of Mary Ann skipper who was first married to a Robert Stageman. indeed George refers to the Stagemans in his book. I was fascinated to see the photo of Mary Ann and wondered if anyone can give me info on this photo?

    By katrina Wratten (20/07/2022)
  • There were two Primitive Methodist chapels in Hereford’s St Owen’s Street Keith and they are both on this site – although neither was clearly named in that way; I have amended the names to clarify.

    The first chapel was built in 1838 – see here – and it was replaced in 1880 by a new larger chapel called Ebenezer – see here. It is the current St John’s Methodist Church.

    You can see general guide to finding out about a former Primitive Methodist chapel here.

    Sorry you had a problem with the email.

    By Christopher Hill (20/03/2022)
  • Is your email alive and working? I can’t seem to send to it “invalid” ?


    I have just been visting the website and saw this email link.

    Based in Grosmont/Skenfrith area in the 1870/1900’s there are some references to Hereford St Owens events in my family history. I wondered if there were any surviving documentation for St Owens or elsewhere in Hereford/Monmouth/Gloucestershires.

    Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated.

    By keith hodges (19/03/2022)
  • Hi Geoff,
    Thank you for returning my comment
    Jesse died in October 1931 in Stow. I don’t think he preached long ,as he was also a blacksmith and wheelright and coachbuilding business on Bury st in Stow. At some point he lived on Regent st..I assume near or not far from the church. I haven’t got any clear photo of him ,which I would like to have.

    Thank you

    By Julie Fletcher (28/12/2021)
  • Julie,
    Thank you for your comment about your ancestor, Jesse Quinton. My Primitive Methodists continues to be a ‘work in progress’ – it is not a comprehensive coverage of every person who has been a PM Local Preacher.
    We welcome stories about active Primitive Methodists when you are in a position to tell more about Jesse.
    There is no central archive of Methodist local preachers. The most likely source would be an obituary written in one of the Methodist magazines. If you are able to tell us when Jesse died I can do a search for an obituary when I next have access to the Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum library.

    By Geoff Dickinson (27/12/2021)
  • Jesse Quinton my 2x great Grandfather is listed as a local Methodist Preacher and Blacksmith in 1881.
    But I see no trace of him on your site.
    Somehow I knew he married his first Wife Anna May Churchyard at the Regent st Primitive Methodist chapel in Stowmarket in 1876 at the age of 22. He married my 2x great Grandmother Alice Watson at age 42.

    By Julie Fletcher (27/12/2021)
  • Very interesting photos and history.
    I have just sent a request to see if there is any information on the sadly redeveloped Mission Hall and grounds nr me in Blofield.. I did know some of its history as relayed by the pastor many years since, but would love to find out more about its beginings..

    By Mary Jones (04/09/2021)
  • The Reverend Thomas William Bevan is /was, however you address someone who has passed away, my grandfather. Thank you for putting together and publishing the article about him. I have some of his books, perhaps all of them but am wondering if you have any other material of his – even if you think I have it – if you could let me know where to find it. And if you know of any writings about him, apart from this article I would be interested in adding the information to my family history.

    If you would like any more information about him that you don’t have here, please let me know what would be helpful to add to his page you have written here.

    By Pam (02/08/2020)
  • By accident I came upon your pictures of Revd Joseph John Hodson and his wife. Joseph John was my grandfather. I have been putting together material about him as part of our family history. He was a Primitive Methodist Minister in the days when they only stayed in one place for 3 years which was incredibly tough on clergy and their families. Joseph John eventually retired early due to ill health. I am a Methodist Local Preacher in Herefordshire.

    By Dr Paul Hodson Scott (25/04/2020)
  • I love your Primitive Methodist pages, I just wish I could get a book with all the research that you have done, a nice big coffee table book of photos of the chapels. Thanks

    By peter forrest (13/01/2020)

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