Christian Endeavour

These photos, taken in the early 1900’s, are of my great aunts, Elsie and Maggi (Madge) Forrester, who came from Staffordshire, and of Eva Burrows who lived near Leicester.

They are wearing the emblem of Christian Endeavour, a capital E within a capital C. This organisation started in the USA in the 1880’s and is still active worldwide today. According to the Christian Endeavour English Union website, the aim is to ‘bring young people to Christ’.

I had come across the C and E pendant and brooch amongst family memorabilia, but wasn’t able to  identify them. Then, when looking at old photos, I saw that Elsie was wearing the pendant, and Madge and Eva identical brooches.

The aunts, although from different sides of the family, came from a staunch Primitive Methodist background, so there was presumably some connection. I contacted Englesea Brook Museum, who were able to identify the emblems.

Hopefully these photos will be of interest to anyone else who is equally puzzled.

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  • I have just spotted the small white ribbon brooch Eva Burrows is wearing. This is the badge worn by the ‘White Ribbon Women’s Temperance Society’, so Eva must have been a member. 

    By Jill Barber (10/06/2014)
  • You can see a class ticket given to Madge Forrester in 1908 here.

    By Jill Barber (09/06/2014)

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