America: Primitive Methodism in 19th century America

Abner Audus b.1842. Isleham Cambs. My family

Rebecca Bristow with Edith.
Don Longacre. Descendant of Abner
Abner's house.
Don Longacre. Descendant of Abner

My ancesters were mostly born in Cambridgeshire but several emigrated to America. One brother of my great grandfather, had a son called James and he had a son called Abner and this is his story. It is taken from “Audus descendants” which was written in America.

Abner Audus  b 10th April 1842, Isleham, Cambs:

He quotes “We all do fall as a leaf.”

I gave my heart to my Saviour when I was about 17 years old and united with the Primitive Methodist Soc. and was a member of the church. Was Prayer Leader and local preacher for about 2 years. In 1862 – moved to London and was a local preacher in London for 2years.

1865 I married Rebecca Bristow. 1866 I left London – came to America to Illinois.

In May 1866 I worked on a farm for my Uncle 6 miles from town. There was no church there. We had a Union school (Sabbath) in the school house. There were Methodist, Baptist and Freewill Methodist and myself and my wife who were Primitive Methodists.

in 1873 my wife died and I was left with 3 children, James Arthur, Edith and Herbert.

In 1874 moved to Adaville School, Plymouth County. Was no church there. We had a Union School (Sabbath) until a preacher came in the winter of 1874. He was a United Brethen Soc. Organised a class of about 80 members. I was with them for 2 winters. 1874-5 helped with Revival Meetings. Was a local preacher 4 years. Helped Jacob Brown one winter – holding meetings 1876

!878 went to the Annual Conference – had Circuit Charge for 6 months. resigned in 1879 – went to Annual Conference – had West Fork charge for 2 years. I married Mrs Milesa J Dack in 1880. Lived near Adaville in 1881 then moved to Elk Point, South Dakota. Worked in Methodist Church and Sabbath school. Had Bible class for 8 years. Then moved to Akron, Iowa in 1914 united with Methodist Church there.

Second wife died 1916. Moved to Clark 1916.

Will add – Grandfather was a happy man – member of Adult Bible class and was loved for his knowledge of the Scriptures. He died in 1925 – lived with my folks for 9 years. He is buried in Rosehill cemetery.

Signed Myrtle Audus Larson 27 July 1957.

That is Abner Audus story.  Two of his three Children were adopted. He kept Arthur. I am in touch with their descendants. Don Longacre is descended from James Arthur Audus, Abner’s son.

Vera Thomas (nee Audus).

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