John Davison (1799-1884)

Monument in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Canada

I took these photographs of the Davison monument at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Each side of the Davison monument is dedicated to one family member:

In Loving memory of Rev John Davison
60 years in the ministry of the Primitive Methodist Church in England and Canada.
Born Newcastle-on-Tyne Nov 23 1799 departed in peace at Toronto March 1 1884 in his 85th Year.
The memory of the Just is blessed.

Sweet remembrance of Charlotte Davison, wife of Rev John Davison
born in Hull England Oct 24 1807 Gently fell asleep July 15 1893 in her 86th year

In memory of Eleanor Davison, eldest daughter of Rev John and Charlotte Davison born Hull England Oct 27 1827 Died Toronto Jan 10 1920 in her 93rd year
We which have believed do enter into rest Heb.4.3.

John Clowes Davison son of Rev John and Charlotte Davison
born Bradford England May 23 1837 Died Toronto Feb 25 1917 in his 80th year

Beside the Davison stone is one to Joseph Lawson JP and his wife Charlotte Davison. It is very hard to read due to wear along the centre part of the stone, so I could not make out any dates.

I am pretty sure Joseph was the son of another Primitive Methodist Minister, and Charlotte the daughter of John Davison. I also believe they were the parents of John Davison Lawson.

(Photographs taken 25 September 2013)

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  • The name Lawson is very significant as William Lawson was the first person to bring Primitive Methodism to Canada. He was not a minister, but a local preacher. Perhaps Joseph was his son.

    By Jill Barber (29/05/2017)

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