Brinkworth District, March 1838

Published in the Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1838


Brinkworth. — Five hundred members. Deaths two. “Of late the Lord has been pouring out his Spirit, and about seventy souls have professed to be brought into the liberty of the children of God.”

Blaenavon. — Two hundred and eighty members. Increase twenty. “Our congregations have greatly increased, and seven members have triumphantly departed this life. We have in all lost seventy-nine by removals and other causes; but have been able to fill up the ranks, and have an increase of twenty.

“We have commenced two new Sunday schools which are very promising.”

Witney. — Three hundred and thirty members. Increase ten. Deaths three.

Frome. — Six hundred and sixty-one members. Deaths three. “The camp meeting started a revival at a village in which we did not then preach; and we have had other revivals; and nearly in every place improvement has been made, either in regard to piety, place of worship or Sunday school. We have, by the blessing of God, set on foot four more Sunday schools.

Pillawell and Hereford. — Four hundred and twenty-five members. “Our congregations are generally good, the members growing in grace, and exerting their influence to extend the kingdom of Jesus, the debts on our chapels have been considerably lowered, and we have assisted our mission at Glocester.

“Four of our members have died, one of whom was a local preacher. Some of our members nave removed, and several have been dismembered; but still we have an increase of twenty-five.”

Motcomb. — Four hundred and forty members. Increase fifty-nine. Deaths six. “The converting work is moving on, and our societies are doing well; and we have an increase of religion and members. We have made the Poole branch into a separate circuit, with two hundred and twenty-nine members.”

Salisbury. — Two hundred and fifty members. Since midsummer 1837, forty-two have left society, some have fallen, some have left the country, and three have died. But still the ranks have been filled up, and we have an increase of five.

Shefford. — One thousand members. Increase one hundred; and twenty-four deaths. “Through God’s blessing we have been brought through another year’s cares, labours, and sufferings, with some success.”

Moreton. — One hundred and twenty-six members. Increase thirty-four. One death. “We are thankful to Almighty God for the deliverances he has wrought out for us, during the last nine months.”

Mitcheldever. — Two hundred and fifty members. “Generally where we have houses to preach in, we have large congregations; the societies are prospering, and the converting work moving. In regard to persecution, we are happy to say that its violence and brutality are much abated. But we are still fought as determinately as ever, in regard to getting houses to preach in. The people are threatened with loss of house or employment, or both, if they admit any of our meetings into their houses; and few, very few, in these circumstances can be found, who will “lose their life for Christ and his gospel’s sake.”

During the year, six have removed, six have been put away for bad conduct, and thirty-six have left or been scattered by persecution, and four have died. But still we have ten increase.

Chippenham. — Three hundred and forty members. Increase twenty. Four deaths.

Swansea. — Two hundred and ninety members. Increase nine. Three deaths. We are thankful to say we are moving on and have an increase.

Bristol. — “Members two hundred, being an increase of ten. Two have died happy in the Lord.”

Andover. — Three hundred and seventy members. Increase thirty. Four deaths. “God has assisted his labouring servants — and in answer to the united, fervent, and persevering prayers, of his believing and obedient followers, has poured down his Holy Spirit on various parts of the circuit: many sinners have been converted to God, genuine piety has increased among believers, and much prejudice has been removed from the minds of the people.”

Wallingford. — “In the last twelve months we have lost 80 members; and one has died. But the blessing of God has enabled us to fill up this vacancy, and to report an increase of forty. To God alone be all the praise.”

Reading. — “Notwithstanding the determined opposition, our circuit is in a prosperous state. We have during the year lost 65 members, three of whom have died, and we hope happy in the Lord. But, through the blessing of God, we have filled up the ranks, and have an increase of fifty; so that the present number in society is five hundred.”

Poole. — Made from Motcomb circuit. Two hundred and sixty in society. Increase for the year is thirty-one. Three deaths. “The converting work is going on, and we have the prospect of a further in-gathering of precious souls to the fold and favour of God. To his name be all the praise. Amen.

Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1838. Pages 421-424.

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