West Bergholt Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former West Bergholt Primitive Methodist chapel

Chapel Rd, West Bergholt, Colchester CO6 3JB

By Christopher Hill

The first West Bergholt Primitive Methodist chapel was built in 1838 on what became Chapel Road with a school room added later. By 1851 it held 240 and attracted congregations of 174 in the morning, 242 in the afternoon, and 100 in the evening. In 1858 they enlarged the chapel to accommodate 50 more people. In the process they managed to reduce the overall debt on the chapel.

It re-opened on 19th September 1858. Jonathan Scott describes the services and tea meeting for over 100 people in the Primitive Methodist magazine. Addresses came from J Kimish of Winchester, and the Revs TW Davids of Colchester, J Scott, Poock, Howchin, W Jackson (Baptist) and R Church of Colchester.

The chapel was rebuilt in 1871, and was attended by around 130 people in 1873. In 1878 it was replaced by a larger one further north on Chapel Road (CO6 3JA) which by 1894 had been enlarged. It is still open in 2017. The 1838 chapel still exists in 2010 as a shop.


Primitive Methodist magazine December 1858 pp.748-749


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