Somewhere near Ibstock

but where was it?

former Primitive Methodist chapel somewhere in the Ibstock area
with permission of the Ibstock Historical Society; copyright remains with the original donor

The Ibstock Historical Society has this picture in its collection. The building carries the words Primitive Methodist but if there is a date in the arc above, it cannot be read.

It is not the Primitive Methodist chapel in Curzon Street (formerly Pegg’s Lane) Ibstock which was opened in 1865 and can be seen here. Is it one of the neighbouring villages?

Do you recognise it?  Is there anything in the context of the building that gives us a clue?

We – and Ibstock Historical Society – would like to know!

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  • Thanks Paul. Any chance you could send us a photograph (as an attachment to an email to our address on the Contacts page)? Then we could add that and any other information to a new page. Always good to learn where chapels are.

    By Christopher Hill (24/02/2019)
  • There is a Primitive Methodist Chapel at Newton Burgoland, Swepstone near Ibstock marked on the Ist edition OS maps that has been converted to a private house but it does not appear to be this chapel but I thought worth noting in the context of where it is and I do not see it on your database.

    By Paul Wood (23/02/2019)

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