Hawrigg (Hawkrigg) Primitive Methodist chapel

The opening of a new Primitive Methodist chapel in the Barrow circuit at Hawrigg is described by M Moseley in the Primitive Methodist magazine.

In 1869 a revival broke out and fifty people were converted.  As a result, a chapel was erected which seated 150.  It soon had a flourishinig Sunday school.

Where was Hawrigg?  Was it Hawkrigg near New Hutton/Kendal? If so, I can find no Primitive Methodist chapel in the Ordnance Survey maps of the 18902.

Suggestions very welcome


Primitive Methodist magazine 1871 page 315

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  • If Hawrigg was on the Barrow circuit it would not have been in Westmorland: Furness is part of Lancashire, and the adjacent settlements are in Cumberland. Which is where Haverigg is to be found: a description, transcription of an article about the opening, and photograph may be seen at https://www.myprimitivemethodists.org.uk/content/chapels/cumberland/d-k/millom_holborn_hill_pm_chapel_cumberland
    Haverigg Primitive Methodist chapel opened on Sunday 23rd June, 1878. Perhaps the building described here was a predecessor?

    By Philip Thornborow (26/10/2023)
  • Haverigg is a clear possibility: thanks for the suggestion Mark. We need something to provide more evidence for this, such as a date of the chapel opening from a different source.

    By Christopher Hill (29/12/2021)
  • I don’t know what the source was but is there any chance this is simply a misspelling or misreading of Haverigg, which would certainly have been on the Barrow circuit?

    By Mark Graham (26/12/2021)

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