Leodest Primitive Methodist chapel

Isle of Man

The former Leodist Primitive Methodist chapel has been sympathetically turned to residential use.

Location: Grid Reference NX407006

Thanks to Ray and Marie Ella for further research on Leodest Primitive Methodist chapel in Andreas Parish, Isle of Man:

  • The National Archives have an Account Book, start year 1835 to 1932, continuation 1933 to 1949 from Leodest Primitive Methodist Chapel, on the Isle of Man (ref. MS 06393 and held at the Manx National Heritage Library & Archives)
  • On  Google map Street view (B2 road), follow up from main area of buildings and when at Northfield building on the right just further up is former Chapel, on the left
  • The chapel when converted depicts white exterior walls, light blue door/window frames


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  • https://maps.nls.uk/view/102343377
    On this OS map for Andreas parish areas ((7871’034) to the right is Wes. Meth. Chapel,* near a Smithy. Further above on the left above Andreas 7871’034 in Ballawastyn region is Prim. Meth’t Chapel, this is/was Leodest PM Chapel, built c.1830s.
    *remaining smaller building being a Wesleyan Sunday School built in 1834, the main Chapel built earlier, demolished in 1982, then the Sunday school became both, later a self-catering holiday-let.

    Kind regards,
    Ray and Marie.


    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (23/05/2022)
  • Extra :
    When on Leodest Road the photographer may have been unaware the building was once a chapel. The photo is evidentially supportive of the similar one in the Manx N.H..L.A., mentioned in previous posting.

    ref. MS O9494/1899/07/008 and L22639/14/0625, Registered Deeds, to include Leodest Primitive Methodist Chapel.

    ref. MS 13675 (Mss. archive), to include history from 1835 to 1910 (1 page written late 20th century).

    Kind regards,
    Ray & Marie.


    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (23/05/2022)
  • Leodist ( Leodest ) Primitive Methodist Chapel.
    Manx National Heritage Library & Archives, section for Photography Archive/Museum : ref. I..D. PG/5713, Black & White photo, Leodest (Primitive) Methodist Chapel, Andreas Parish, photo dated 1st. September 1965. *
    * Looked like a disused barn c.1965, but once a Chapel.

    In Library-Archives :
    Leodest ( Primitive ) Methodist Chapel, ref. MS 09?494/1907/06/033, new location ref. L22639/16/2200, date 6th Dec., 1906. Susan Ellen Howland, etc., appointed Trustee of Leodest Primitive Methodist Chapel and Trust of property, in Andreas Parish.

    ref. MD 06393/2 & ref.. MD 297, seat book(s), years 1906-1932-48. Leodest Primitive Methodist Chapel.

    Ray & Marie.


    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (23/05/2022)

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