Port Erin Dandy Hill Primitive Methodist chapel

Ballafurt Road

Port Erin Dandy Hill Primitive Methodist chapel

The first chapel was built in 1832, four years after the land was acquired. Rev J Moss provided the energy. By the late 1850s it was in a poor state with a leaking roof and rotting timbers so they rebuilt it to be 58′ x 29′ and accommodate 200.

There were generous gifts from W Milner (Phoenix Works, Liverpool) who holidayed regularly in Port Erin. E. M. Gawn, Esq., of Kentraugh gave the land and promised an annual donation towards a teacher’s salary if an infant school were to be built. Captain Carey, of Castletown gave a two faced clock. Preachers at opening included  Rev. E.Gatley (Independent), of Knottingley, Yorkshire, M Lewis and W. Corbett, of Douglas.

The chapel served until a new chapel in Station Road was built in 1903. It was the only place of worship in Port Erin until 1880. The Dandy Hill chapel was used as a Sunday School until 1963 when, following the opening of a new Sunday School adjacent to Station Road Church, it was demolished and the site built upon. The station Road church is still in use.

The Isleofman.com website has a picture of the chapel, together with further detail and the whole account by M Lewis from the Primitive Methodist magazine.

The Ordnance Survey map of 1869 shows the Primitive Methodist chapel located at the northern end of Ballafurt Road. There is no sign of it on the 1968 map.


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  • I believe the location of the chapel on the map is incorrect. The chapel was located where the second of the two buildings on the left hand side of Ballafurt Road below St George’s Crescent now stands.

    ED’s response: I’ve checked on the historic Ordnance Survey map and moved the location further north. Thanks Janet.

    By Janet Ramsay (07/02/2024)
  • National Archives ( former Public Record Office ) :
    ref. 11003, Dandy Hill Primitive Methodist Chapel, Port Erin, Isle of Man, receipts for the chapel’s construction c.1860, etc. (at Manx National Heritage Library & Archives).

    Regards, Ray & Marie.

    By Raymond E.O. Ælla (21/05/2022)

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