Keelby Primitive Methodist chapel

Riby Road, Keelby

In the 1837 magazine William Wombell tells us that Keelby chapel opened on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 16-18th October 1836, when the preachers were, on the Sunday Mr A Smith, on the Monday Rev S Marston and on the Tuesday Rev Rowe (a Baptist Minister). The society had organised a petition to Rt Hon. Lord Yarborough, who granted them the land. Thanks were due to  to him and also to Mr. F Houlgate of Keelby Grange. The new chapel measured 21′(w) x 33′(l) x  14′(h).

In the Primitive Methodist magazine of March 1851, William Lonsdale gives an account of the opening of a replacement Keelby Primitive Methodist chapel, although without mentioning an actual date. The new one which was built by Mr Tyas, timber merchant of Grimsby.  It had a gallery which seated 146 with a further 120 downstairs. The Vestry held 100.

At the opening, the debt was £255, borrowed at 4%.  It was regarded as “The best country chapel they had ever seen” and on the basis of their improved accommodation, they planned to start a Sunday School.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1837 page 237

Primitive Methodist magazine of March 1851 pp 175-176


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  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

    Ref. Acc 2010/01800: Meth/C/Keelby. 

    Temporary reference of documents to also include Primitive Methodist Chapel, Riby Rd., Keelby: Trustees Account Book 1881-1932, 1933-1956. Collection Journals 1942-1960. Class Tickets (Chapman) 1911 to 1920.

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (27/05/2018)

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