Arkendale Primitive Methodist chapel

Moor Lane Arkendale HG5 0QU

chapels of the Knaresborough circuit
Christian Messenger 1911/187
Arkendale Primitive Methodist chapel

When set up in 1851, the  Knaresborough Primitive Methodist circuit consisted of Knaresborough chapel itself and nine village societies, including Arkendale. By 1929 there was only one – at Hay-A-Park.  Some had been transferred to other circuits, but others simply closed.  In 1911, the Christian Messenger explains the circumstances.

“There are now only four other preaching places on the (Knaresborough circuit) plan, viz., Spofforth, Whixley, Arkendale and Hay-a-Park.

Unfortunately our hold upon these villages is gradually weakening. This is a purely agricultural neighbourhood, and when our young people become old enough to work, they are compelled to seek employment elsewhere. At one time were eleven local preachers at Spofforth, and at both Whixley and Arkendale we had vigorous causes.  … … At the present time, however, we are only just keeping the door of one or two of our village chapels open. Our officials are hoping that the Government will bring in a drastic measure of Land Reform, which will bring a few families into the neighbourhood who are interested in Primitive Methodism.”

Arkendale chapel closed in the 1930s.

Arkendale chapel still exists on Moor Lane and still carrying its date stone.  The odd thing is, it looks very little like its photograph in the Christian Messenger.



Christian Messenger 1911/187

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  • You say that only Hay-A-Park was left in 1929 and then that Arkendale closed in the 1930’s? Am in the area, will try and find Arkendale building.

    By Graham (13/11/2020)

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