Hubberts Bridge Primitive Methodist chapel

Station Road, Hubberts Bridge PE20 3QR

1871 Hubberts Bridge Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1991

Hubberts Bridge Primitive Methodist chapel dates from 1871 and was extended in 1879.

It closed in 1997. On Google Street View in 2009 it has been converted into a cottage – The Old Chapel.

location: TF 268 435

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  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

    Ref. MLI91923: Primitive Methodist Chapel, Hubbert’s Bridge, Frampton: History with Photographs viewable, one when enlarged the stone plaque reads ‘Primitive Methodist Chapel 1871’.

    Boston PM Circuit 1871-1932.

    Ref. Meth/C/Hubbert’s Bridge/D/7?/1:Certificate of Registration of Worship Place, 1873 (updated?).

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    Ref. Meth/C/Hubbert’s Bridge/?: Collection Book, 1926-1932 and later.

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    Ref. Meth/C/Hubbert’s Bridge/C/4/4: Sunday School Scholar’s & Teacher’s Insurance Policy.

    Ref. Meth/C/Hubbert’s Bridge/?: Workman’s Insurance Policy, 1908.

    Ref. Meth/C/Hubbert’s Bridge/E/4: Architectural, other Plans.

    Ref. Meth/C/Hubbert’s Bridge/?: Large Poster, hand-made, giving dates etc in the history of the Chapel.

    Ref. Meth/C/Hubbert’s Bridge/J/3/1: Sketch of Chapel Exterior.

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    Ref. Meth/C/Hubbert’s Bridge/A/4/1: Seat Rent Book, 1886, includes Christmas Tree & New Year’s Effort for 1887.

    Ref. Meth/C.Hubbert’s Bridge/A/4/?: Seat Rent Book, 1875-c.1900?, year 1886 includes Account for Harvest Thanksgiving.

    Other documents.

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