Pontfaen PM Chapel, Shropshire

What hath God wrought

This chapel, according to the plaque over the door, was built in MDCCCIX, which is 1839. The plaque also says Primitive Methodist Chapel, and adds the text, What hath God wrought. Num XXIII.23

I do not often drive through Pontfaen, but I seem to recall the house (which the chapel has become) looking much more obviously a chapel not all that long ago, before the serious alterations disguised it further. But the black plaque is still easily legible.

The text from Numbers comes from the story of Balaam and Balak. The enemy of God’s people was trying to raise a curse against them, but instead God blessed them repeatedly, and the prophet says (in my newer translation), “What has God wrought!” God was certainly blessing Shropshire through Primitive Methodism in the period when this chapel was erected for his worship.


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  • The Journal of Richard Ward, as quoted in the Primitive Methodist Magazine of 1840, relates: Friday 16 August. I preached at Pontfaen to a large congregation; after which there was a powerful move in the prayer meeting. 

    27 September I visited and preached at Pontfaen. It was a moving time. The society in general are in good earnest about religion and the salvation of others. 

    Friday 8 November. Pontfaen… at the time of preaching the chapel was crowded to excess. A powerful time in preaching, and a wonderful and surprising work in the prayer meeting. How many were converted I cannot tell. Many were weeping, others singing, others praying, others filled with joy, praising God for what he had done for them; others, overwhelmed with the power of God, lay on the floor for a considerable time, and these then rose up, praising the Lord, and exhorting others to seek the Lord. Men, women, and children, are engaged in this great work. 

    Sunday 10 November. In the morning, preached at Pontfaen to a large congregation. Many wept. The Lord visited us. In the afternoon,at Bronygarth [¾-mile from Pontfaen] we had a quickening time; the grace of God streamed down, hearts melted, tears flowed abundantly, and many rejoiced in the Lord, and found it good to be there. At night, at Pontfaen. A powerful time in preaching; one man near the door, fell on his knees and began to weep and pray, and several others were weeping.

    By David Young (04/02/2013)

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