Hilcott Primitive Methodist chapel

The Primitive Methodist magazine for July 1852 contains a note by H Platt of the establishment of Hilcott Primitive Methodist chapel as an addition to his account of the opening of Ogborne St George Primitive Methodist chapel (now usually spelled Ogbourne).

It tells that on Monday May 2nd 1852 a chapel at Hilcott was re-opened which seated 300.  It had been taken off the independents for a nominal rent. Wiltshire County History tells us that a decade after this (1864) the rector claimed about 40 parishioners attended the chapel. It was closed at some time between 1880 and 1885. You can see pictures on the Wiltshire Community History website.  Where was it located?


Wiltshire Community History website  https://history.wiltshire.gov.uk/community/getchurch.php?id=1569   accessed February 7th February 2017

Primitive Methodist magazine July 1852 pp. 434-435

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  • Sally,

    Small Primitive Methodist Societies would have met in peoples homes, or possibly a farmer’s barn, before a chapel was built, or in this case rented.

    A possible further line of research would be to look at the 1851 religious census for Wiltshire to see if any Primitive Methodist place of worship was licensed in Hilcott.

    By Geoff Dickinson (04/02/2022)
  • I went to Hilcott because my ancestors came from there. In Australia that family were Primitive Methodists. I asked at the Anglican Church about Primitive Methodist chapels and the woman there said there was a house, now a private dwelling, which had previously been the PM Chapel. I walked there and took photos of it. It looked like it had been a church once. My ancestors left Hilcott and came to Australia in 1849, so they wouldn’t have worshiped in this 1852 Chapel. Would they have possibly met in people’s homes?

    By Sally O'Wheel (04/02/2022)

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