Crewe by Farndon Primitive Methodist chapel

Crewe Lane South Crewe-by-Farndon Chester CH3 6PH

The 1859 Primitive Methodist magazine contains an account by John Webster of the opening of Crewe Primitive Methodist chapel.

The chapel, which was the only place of worship in the neighbourhood, opened on November 21st 1858 with addresses from T Bateman and Mrs Webster. The following day there was a tea-meeting in a large tent.

The new chapel was 22′ x 15′ and cost around £90 of which £30 had been raised. Mr R Compton carted most of the materials and Mrs John Baker gave the pulpit cushion and window blinds.

Crewe is described as a small hamlet in the Whitchurch circuit, and Whitchurch is in Shropshire but when this page was created I couldn’t locate the hamlet on local Shropshire maps.  Thanks to Richard and Elaine Pearce for tracking it down across the border at Crewe-by-Farndon in Cheshire.  Richard writes:

“Having now studied the maps old and new, and read what is written etc, about it, and consulted fellow ‘enthusiasts’, the opinion is the ‘Crewe’ in Shropshire is in fact Crewe by Farnon in Cheshire. Why?  The dates of  building the Chapel match, plus the article in the PM Magazine.  Crewe by Farnon Chapel is still open in 2024 and also still in the Whitchurch Circuit (Area!!). 

Looking on the old late 1800s map, Crewe by Farnon was called just Crewe as well as having a ‘Crewe Hall’. I suppose as the Crewe, we all know, become bigger and more important due to the railways there must have been confusion between the two places being so close to each other (maybe 20-25 miles apart) it was easier to add ‘by Farndon’ to the Crewe which is ‘by Farndon’ on the border of Wales and England. “

In January 2018 Geoff Dickinson added a copy of the  centenary programme produced in 1958. Due to the size of the document file, it has been split into two halves.

Geoff also commented that more information about this chapel can be found on the chapel website. In 2017 the chapel held a history weekend on the occasion of re-opening after some modifications. Some interesting historical documents can be downloaded from the website, including a complete list of name of people mentioned in documents from 1855-1967.


Primitive Methodist magazine February 1859 p.112


Crewe by Farndon Primitive Methodist chapel


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  • I’ve combined information from two pages onto this one. One was for Crewe by Farndon, in Cheshire and the other was for Crewe in the Whitchurch area which was placed in Shropshire but we never managed to find it on a map! Thanks to Richard Pearce for making the case that they are actually the same place.

    By Christopher Hill (20/01/2024)

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