Haughurst Hill Primitive Methodist chapel

Haughurst Hill Baughurst TADLEY RG26 5JR

Haughurst Hill Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1989

Haughurst Hill Primitive Methodist chapel shown in Keith Guyler’s photograph was opened in 1930, one of the last Primitive Methodist chapels built before Union in 1932.

On Google Street View in August 2011 it is in use as a house.

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  • O.S.Map, Berkshire (etc.) six inch scale, sheet XL1V.SW, revised 1909, published 1913 :
    Sited where Haughurst Hill PM Chapel was later built is “Mission Hall”, but did it burn down.

    The early O.S.Maps for nearby Kingsclere:
    No mention of a Mission Hall but a Meth. Chap. is and on some maps is Meth. Chap. ( Wes ) for Wesleyan, e.g., a map 25 inch scale revised 1909, published 1911.

    By Raymond E. O.Ella (23/10/2021)
  • Some listings of holdings at the Berkshire Record Office for Haughurst Hill PM Chapel are also from circuit records and include other PM Chapels. In previous section posting for B.R.O. it is actually for Hannington PM Chapel, 1866, etc.

    The PM Chapel at Haughhurst Hill was built in 1930.

    More follow-up soon regarding O.S. Maps for Haughurst Hill and nearby Kingsclere.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella (23/10/2021)
  • Extra :
    The place name for the previous Primitive Metthodist Ebenezer Mission Hall is given “kingsclere”, so this was Kingsclear/Kingsclere not far away, destroyed by fire in 1905.
    More clarification re-the transcriber at the Berkshire Record Office pending.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella (22/10/2021)
  • Haughurst Hill Primitive Methodist Ebenezer Mission Hall, buiilt c.1895/7, destroyed by fire not long after (c.1905), rebuilt has an Independant Chapel, later the site and Chapel c.1929-1930 was renewed by the Primitive Methodist Connexion, instigated by their local Trustees. Closed 1994 and sold.

    Berkshire Record Office :
    ref. D/MS92 and 93, Hampshire, Haughurst Hill Primitive Methodist. Conveyance of chapel site 1866, built 1871 ( a possible previous chapel, documents, baptisms, marriages, (few burials?) 1866-1905, —–1929/30-1994 ).

    By Raymond E. O. Ella (22/10/2021)

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