Walpole Primitive Methodist chapel

location of former Walpole Primitive Methodist chapel(s)

Church Hill, Walpole IP19 9AX

By Christopher Hill

I'm confused; there are two accounts in the Primitive Methodist magazine about Walpole Primitive Methodist chapel, but they seem to be about completely different places.

There's an account by G Dawson in the 1858 Primitive Methodist magazine of the re-opening of Walpole Primitive Methodist chapel after it was extended.

The chapel was erected in 1835 at a cost of £108 and was "the birthplace of many souls". The Sunday school shared the use of the chapel, but the building was not large enough, so in 1857 it was made 14' longer. The re-opening on October 4th 1857 was by T Lincoln of Lynn and Mrs Taylor of Wisbeach. The following day there was a tea-meeting with sermons from local preachers and "singers from Wisbeach interested the audience by their effective singing."

The overall cost was £40 of which they had collected £28; the Sunday school teachers pledged to collect the rest.

There's an account by William Crown in the 1860 magazine about the opening of Walpole Primitive Methodist chapel. It says that the society had met in a cottage for a number of years but built a chapel that would seat 130 at a cost of £130 with £52 raised. Opening celebrations included tea for 150.

Opening services from August 19th 1860 were addressed by William Crown, W Hammond and Messrs Goddard and Wilson.

These sound like two completely different chapels

A Primitive Methodist chapel is marked on the 1884 1:2,500 Ordnance Survey map up a footpath to the south of Church Hill. On the 1904 map it is marked a little further west, although in both cases the exact building is not clear. On the 1957 map it is marked (back closer to the original location) as a disused chapel.


Primitive Methodist magazine January 1858 p.48

Primitive Methodist magazine November 1860 pages 689 - 690



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Can anyone resolve the conflicting information about Walpole chapel set out here?  It's made worse by the other chapels in the neighbourhood with very similar names - Walpole Highway, Walpole St Peter, Walpole Cross Keys, Walpole Marsh, Walpole St Andrew ... none of which have a chapel dating from 1860 that I can find!


By Christopher Hill
On 10/02/2018

Looking on Google maps it is clear there are two different Walpoles. One is near Kings Lynn in Norfolk and would fit with the first Walpole chapel Christopher mentions since the speakers came from Wisbeach and Lynn. The second chapel is almost certainly the Suffolk Walpole, not least because one of the speakers is Mr. Goddard and I know my Goddard forbears were members of the Prim chapel in Walpole at that time.

By Maggie Westwood
On 28/08/2018