Grassthorp Primitive Methodist chapel

Scotter circuit

By Christopher Hill

Grassthorp Primitive Methodist chapel in the Retford branch of the Scotter circuit was opened on March 7th 1841.  The occasion was written up by I Broadbent in the Primitive Methodist magazine.

"This place is about twelve miles from Retford.  It has neither church nor chapel in it; but the old people in the village say there was a church some centuries ago, for they can remember some of the old walls standing.  Our people had a small society here about fifteen or sixteen years ago, but it got broken up, and the village was left off the plan.  But, last summer, I re-missioned it with several other  places.  The way opened, Mr. Seels kindly offered to give us land, and Mr. Rhodes ten pounds.  With these kind encouragements we commenced, and raised a chapel twenty feet by fourteen inside.  The door is at the side; one half of it has elevated seats, four rising forms with rail backs, which will seat thirty-three people.  These are to let.  The other half contains free seats.

This chapel was opened on Sunday, March 7,1841, and the donations and collections amounted to five pounds, besides the ten pounds given.  Also Mr. Esam gave us lime for the whole.  Our debt remaining on the chapel, is about thirty-five pounds.  The sittings are nearly all let, and the chapel is well attended.

Both these chapels are  settled on the Connexion."

I cannot find the chapel marked on 1:2,500 Ordnance Survey maps of 1885 and 1900. What happened to it?


Primitive Methodist magazine December 1841 page 455



Grassthorpe chapel opening
Grassthorpe chapel opening (73k)
Primitive Methodist magazine 1841 p455 transcribed by David Tonks

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