West Hartlepool Hart Road Primitive Methodist chapel

In 1938, 6 years after Methodist union, this building replaced the 1893 Hart Road Primitive Methodist chapel in Hartlepool. It was further north on the eastern side of Hart Road and has itself been replaced by a modern church building. Hart Road was renamed West View Road in 1967 when West Hartlepool Town amalgamated with Hartlepool Town.
provided by Roger Codner
Central Estate Primitive Methodist Chapel Ceased as place of worship
Northern Daily Mail 24th April 1940; provided by Roger Codner
Opening in 1894 of the Primitive Methodist Chapel on Central Estate
Northern Daily Mail 14th March 1894; provided by Roger Codner
Hartlepool Hart Road Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1893 Primitive Methodist magazine contains a note recording the opening of Hart Road Primitive Methodist chapel in West Hartlepool. It is described as a ‘neat little sanctuary’ and responsibility for it had been taken by ‘friends to meet the needs of a growing suburb of this important northern town’.

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  • Thanks for your local knowledge of Hart Road Roger. The only thing to consider is that the Primitive Methodist Magazine locates it explicitly in West Hartlepool but mistakes in the magazine or changes in the well over a century since publication are not uncommon.

    I’ve added the picture supplied by Roger Codner of the chapel that replaced the Hart Road chapel in 1938, as it was in the mid 1960s, together with a map locating both chapels in the Central Estate area of Hartlepool. The 1938 chapel was built 6 years after the union in 1932 of the Primitive, Wesleyan and United Methodists to form the one Methodist church. It took up to 30 years for the local chapels to come together in some areas, whilst in others it happened much more quickly. The Central Estate chapel would thus have been a Methodist chapel rather than a Prim one. Central Estate Methodist church meets in a modern building on the same site.

    By Christopher Hill (07/11/2022)
  • I believe this Chapel is the one on the corner of Beaumont Street and Hart Road on the Central Estate, Hartlepool, and not West Hartlepool. Hart Road.
    (For the record, in 1893 Hartlepool and West Hartlepool were separate Towns, and both had Hart Road’s, but after amalgamation in 1967 the West Hartlepool Hart Road was renamed to Raby Road). I can supply part of the Hartlepool Central Estate Map of 1896 identifying its location if you wish.

    By Roger Codner (06/11/2022)

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