Barley Primitive Methodist Chapels, Lancashire

1825 and 1912

These photos were taken 2 weeks ago (ed: in September 2012) in the village of Barley, near Pendle Hill in Lancashire. They show the current Methodist chapel originally built in 1910 as a Primitive Methodist Chapel. The keyholder allowed us free access to the chapel and also told us about an earlier chapel built lower in the village which is now apparently the Village Hall. The foundation stone of this building is now a step to the front door of the village hall but still clearly shows the date 26th July 1884 and the benefactor’s name. The white foundation stone can be found in the current Chapel and appears to be from an even earlier chapel

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  • I’ve added to the page a transcription by David Tonks of the return from the Primitive Methodist chapel in Barley to the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship.

    The return, completed by the minister Thomas Crompton, shows that 84 people attended the afternoon service and and 50 the evening one. There was an afternoon Sunday school with 53 scholars attending.

    By Christopher Hill (19/03/2021)

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