Donington-on-Bain Primitive Methodist Chapel, Lincolnshire

The chapel was built in 1854, in Main Street. A new Chapel adjoining the old one was built in 1936 and closed in 1988.

Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln contains the following records:

Ref. Meth/C/Donington on Bain, Primitive/A: Registers of Membership.

Ref. Meth/C/Doninhton on Bain, Primtive/B: Church-Chapel Council.

Ref. Meth/C/Donington on Bain, Primitive/C: Trust Property other than Chapels & Sunday School.

Ref. Meth/C/Donington on Bain, Primitive/D: Trustees, Chapel Registration & Deeds.

Ref. Meth/C/Donington on Bain, Primitive/E: Chapel, Sunday School, building, repairs & alterartions, closure, sale.

Ref. Meth/C/Donington on Bain, Primitive/H: The Sunday School.

Ref. Meth/C/Donington on Bain, Primitive/I: Organisations, Groups, Events & Services.

Lincs to the Past records the chapel was in the following circuits:

  • Horncastle Primitive Methodist Circuit 1854-1933
  • Louth Methodist Circuit 1933-1988

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  • Jill,
    Census returns identify that George was a farm labourer. Do you know if he held office in the local PM Chapel? You could look in the Lincolnshire archives at the chapel records listed above that might mention George. Membership records, Sunday School records or Trustee Meeting minutes are the most likely records to bear fruit.

    By Geoff Dickinson (01/05/2021)
  • How do I find out about my ancester John George Brant 1861-1947 who I know was a Primitive Methodist from Donnington on Bain?

    By Jill Whitfield (01/05/2021)

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