Hasland Primitive Methodist chapels

Chapel Lane (S41 0AJ) and Hasland Road (S41 0LH)

Hasland Primitive Methodist chapels
Kendall A History of the Primitive Methodist Church vol 1 p.498
former Hasland Primitive Methodist Church; now Hasland Methodist church
Val Davies, June 2020
former Hasland Primitive Methodist Church
Val Davies,Steward and Treasurer for Hasland Methodist Church; June 2020
Hasland Primitive Methodist chapels

There’s an account by ED Solomon in the Primitive Methodist magazine of the re-opening of Hasland Primitive Methodist chapel on  October 15th 1865. Speakers were Revs WJ Brownson, J Haigh  and ED Solomon.  There was a celebration tea meeting – with the teas unusually being provided in private houses. Despite the enlargement, the chapel was “well filled”.

A further account in the 1880 magazine tells of the laying of foundation stones for “a pretty little village chapel” in Hasland in the second half of 1880. It tells us little more – except that the members were full of “heart and hope”.

Where was this chapel? On Ordnance Survey maps from 1878 to 1918 a chapel – but without a denominational label – is marked on the north east side of Chapel Lane, with a Sunday School labelled to the south east of it.  In 1938 the Sunday School is labelled, but not the chapel. There is a car park  for the surrounding modern housing on the site in 2011.

The current (2020) Methodist church is on Hasland Road, at the junction with Hampton Street S41 0LH. It was opened in 1901 – to replace the Chapel Lane building. It carries the name “Primitive Methodist” carved into the brickwork.

Thanks to John Tranter, the District Archivist, for the information that the early history of Hasland is detailed in Kendall history of the Primitive Methodist church Vol 1 around page 496-8.

You can see a picture on the Geograph website  here.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1866 page 116

Primitive Methodist magazine 1880 page 701

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  • The Builder, vol. 80, issue 3037, page 397?, 20th April 1901 :
    PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHURCH, HASLAND, DERBYSHIRE.- A Primitive Methodist church has been erected at Hasland from designs by Mr. W. Cecil Jackson of Chesterfield. It is intended to erect a tower at some future time. The building will accommodate 400 persons.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella (11/09/2021)

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