Whiteley Shield Primitive Methodist Chapel Allendale Northumberland

A small rural chapel built in 1857

Chapels of the Allendale circuit 1912
Christian Messenger 1912/28
Return from Whiteley Shield Primitive Methodist preaching place in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
transcribed by David Tonks

Whiteley Shield Chapel at Carrshield in West Allendale is in a remote location in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is perhaps the best preserved 19th century chapel in Allendale and is Grade 2 listed. The building is made from stone rubble and there is a small porch at the front.

In August 2015 it is still open for fortnightly worship at 2.30pm on Sunday

Photos taken August 2015

OS Map Ref:87:NY803479

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  • The Primitive Methodist magazine for October 1857 p.622 contains an account by H.P. of the opening of Whitelee Shield (sic) Primitive Methodist chapel.  Whitelee is describes as a small village in a deep and narrow dale with inhabitants who are chiefly small farmers and miner, “remarkable for cleanliness, industry and hospitality.” 

    The society was formed some 25 years previously but a site for a chapel was not found until autumn 1856; it was leased from Joseph Crawhall Esq.  He wanted to donate the land but his solicitor told him that was not possible.

    The new chapel, eight yards from the road upon elevated ground, was opened on June 7th 1857 with sermons by Rev CC McKechnie and Thomas Watson of Nenthead. The outstanding debt was £85, less than half the overall cost.  ”The congregations are good and very attentive”.

    By Christopher Hill (16/01/2017)

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