Bishop Norton Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:Bishop Norton Primitive Methodist chapel

Bishop Norton Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1996

Photo:This is the earlier chapel built in 1833

This is the earlier chapel built in 1833

Steven Wild

location of Bishop Norton Primitive Methodist chapel

Main Street, Bishop Norton LN8 2BE

By Christopher Hill

Bishop Norton Primitive Methodist chapel dates initially from 1833. This was replaced by the building in Keith Guyler's photograph in 1875.

The chapel served until 1993 and at the time of the photograph in 1996 was for sale. On Google Street View in 2009 notable building work is taking place.

location: SK 984 926

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With thanks to Steve Wild we have been able to add a picture of the 1833 chapel in Bishop Norton. Does anyone know what has happened to this building?

By Jill Barber
On 02/01/2017

There is the collection at the Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

Ref. Meth/C/Bishop Norton/Primitive/J/4/1: Papers of Thomas West, 1883-1900. Deposited with Primitive Methodist Vouchers for Meth/C/Bishop Norton/Primitive/C/2/2-6. There are 26 items.

By Raymond E.O.Ella
On 05/12/2017

On Main Street there is a building with the plaque Methodist Free Church 1865. Was this the earlier 1833 PM Chapel and if so was the plaque changed?. It looks very much like Steven's photograph, although that photograph does not have the word Primitive written on the bottom of it and says Church not Chapel.

Main Street continues where there is a bend/junction. It is further down on the continuation of Main Street where the Methodist Free Church with name and date 1865 plaque can be read. The Google Sat Map will take you there.

By Raymond E.O.Ella
On 20/04/2018