Belton Providence Primitive Methodist Chapel

Churchtown, Belton DN9 1PA

David Leese
Belton Providence Primitive Methodist chapel

Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln has the following information about this chapel:

  • Ref. Meth/C/Belton, Churchtown/C/3/1: Promissory Notes & Receipts, in respect of loans to the Trustees, by Ann Bowman of Belton 1871, Charlotte Watson of Carr House in Belton 1904, Ann Elizabeth Butler of Amcotts and Emily …….? 1913, Mrs. Eliza Ann Johnson of Churchtown in Belton 1916, Edward Johnson 1917 (receipt). 

The first Primitive Methodist chapel at Churchtown was built in 1821 and then enlarged in 1835. It was rebuilt in 1888 with a Sunday school opening in 1923. The last service was held in 1948.

The chapel was in the following circuits at the dates indicated:

  • Scotter Primitive Methodist Circuit c.1821-1847
  • Epworth Primitive Methodist Circuit 1847-1877
  • Crowle Primitive Methodist Circuit 1877-1932
  • Crowle Methodist Circuit 1932-1948
  • Epworth and Crowle Methodist Circuit 1948

The 1941 Statistical return describes the building as brick built, seating 100 with no additional rooms. Interestingly, at that time, the chapel was in a different circuit to the nearby Belton Westgate Chapel.

See also the page on the Ellmer family who were associated with this chapel. This records that the chapel was extended circa 1837.

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  • The Primitive Methodist magazine of June 1887 (page 380) notes “the erection of a neat village chapel” at Belton in the Crowle circuit.

    By Christopher Hill (22/08/2020)
  • This is now converted into a private dwelling called Darphill. The original date stone is still in place but nothing is legible.

    By David Leese (24/06/2018)

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