Rossett and Halton, North-east Wales

Rossett Primitive Methodist chapel
David Young
Halton Primitive Methodist chapel 1875

Two more closed-down Primitive Methodist chapels in north Wales.

The one at the top is Mount Zion, 1882, at Rossett.

The other is the 1875 chapel at Halton.

Such images constantly bring to my mind and heart the verses in 2 Kings 19 which say:

This is a day of distress… therefore lift up your prayer for the remnant that is left.

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  • The 1882 Primitive Methodist magazine (page 761) contains a note of the opening of a new Primitive Methodist chapel at Rossett in the Chester Second Station.. It cost £420 of which they had raised £300.

    By Christopher Hill (13/04/2020)
  • Halton was known as “Black Park Chapel”, which explains the appearance of Black Park on old preaching plans.

    By David Young (22/04/2013)

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